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carey grayson alabama

Carey Grayson was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for the kidnapping and murder of a woman. According to court documents Carey Grayson was one of four men who would kidnap a female hitchhiker who would later be tortured and murdered. Carey Grayson would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Carey Grayson 2022 Information

AIS: 0000Z598
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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On the night of [February 21, 1994,] Vickie Deblieux, age 37, was dropped off by a friend on I-59 near Chattanooga, Tennessee, to hitchhike to her mother’s home in Louisiana.

“Four teenagers, the defendant, Kenny Loggins, Trace Duncan, and Louis Mangione, all who had been drinking alcohol and using drugs, saw her hitchhiking on I-59 at the Trussville exit in Jefferson County, Alabama.   They offered to take her to Louisiana;  instead they took her to a wooded area, on the pretense of picking up another vehicle.

“After arriving in this area, they all got out of the vehicle, and began to drink.   The defendant, along with the others threw bottles at Ms. Deblieux, who began to run from them.   They tackled her to the ground and began to kick her repeatedly all over her body.   When they noticed that she was still alive, one of them stood on her throat, supported by the Defendant, until she gurgled blood and said ‘Okay, I’ll party,’ then died.

“They then put her body in the back of a pickup truck and took her and her luggage to Bald Rock Mountain, after removing her clothing and a ring, and they played with her body and then threw her off a cliff.

“They then went to a car wash in Pell City to wash the blood out of the truck.   After rummaging through her luggage, they hid the luggage in the woods.

“On their return to Birmingham, they took Mangione home and then returned to Bald Rock Mountain, where they began to mutilate the body by stabbing and cutting her 180 times, removing part of a lung, and removing her fingers and thumbs.

“The next morning defendant’s girlfriend found the three of them in Birmingham asleep in the truck all covered in mud and blood.   The defendant told her they got blood on them from a dog.

“On [February 26, 1994,] three rock climbers found Ms. Deblieux’s body and called the police.   Her body was taken to the medical examiner’s office.

“The medical examiner found the following injuries;  almost every bone in her skull was fractured, every bone in her face was fractured at least once, lacerations on the face over these fractures, a missing tooth, left eye was collapsed, right eye was hemorrhaged, tongue discolored, 180 stab wounds (postmortem), two large incisions in her chest, her left lung had been removed and all her fingers and both thumbs were cut off.

“The medical examiner opined that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and that she was alive during the beating.

“All defendants were later arrested after Mangione began showing one of Ms. Deblieux’s fingers to friends.

Why IS Carey Grayson On Death Row

Carey Grayson was sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder

When Is Carey Grayson Execution

Carey Grayson execution has yet to be scheduled
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