carl puiatti
carl puiatti

Carl Puiatti was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the kidnapping and murder of  Sharilyn Ritchie. According to court documents Carl Puiatti and Rodney Glock would kidnap, rob and murder  Sharilyn Ritchie. Carl Puiatti would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Florida Death Row Inmate List

Carl Puiatti 2021 Information

DC Number:716927
Birth Date:10/03/1962
Initial Receipt Date:05/14/1984
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Carl Puiatti More News

On August 16, 1983, Puiatti and Robert Glock kidnapped, robbed, and murdered Sharilyn Ritchie.   Puiatti (age 20) and Glock (age 22) confronted Ritchie as she got out of her car in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Bradenton, Florida.   Glock pulled out a .38 pistol and forced Ritchie into the backseat of her car at gunpoint.   Puiatti and Glock got in Ritchie’s car, Glock took $50 from Ritchie’s purse, and Puiatti drove them to Ritchie’s bank, where they made Ritchie cash a $100 check.   Then Puiatti drove Ritchie more than 60 miles, to an orange grove outside Dade City, Florida.   Puiatti took Ritchie’s wedding ring and left her at the roadside.

After driving away for a short distance, Glock said he thought they should kill Ritchie, and Puiatti agreed.   Puiatti turned the car around, and when the car pulled abreast of Ritchie, Puiatti shot her twice from inside the car.   Puiatti began to drive away, but when Glock saw Ritchie was still standing, Puiatti handed the gun to Glock, turned the car around, and drove by Ritchie again.   Glock shot Ritchie.   When Ritchie still did not fall, Puiatti made a third pass and Glock shot Ritchie again.   Ritchie collapsed and died from her injuries.

Four days later, on August 20, 1983, Puiatti and Glock were in Ritchie’s car in New Jersey, with Glock driving.   A state trooper stopped them because Ritchie’s license plate was improperly displayed.   Neither Puiatti nor Glock had a valid driver’s license.   When Puiatti opened the glove compartment to find the car’s registration, the state trooper saw a handgun that was later identified as the gun used to kill Ritchie.   The state trooper searched the car and found another handgun.   He arrested Puiatti and Glock for possessing handguns without a permit.   After Puiatti and Glock were taken to the police station, police officers discovered that the car they were driving was stolen and its owner had been murdered.

The New Jersey State Police assigned Detective John Quinlan to interview Puiatti and Glock.   On the evening of August 20, Detective Quinlan questioned Puiatti and Glock for about 15 minutes each, at which time Glock admitted he had stolen the car.   On the evening of the next day, August 21, 1983, Detective Quinlan, along with Florida detectives August Stahl and James Wiggins, questioned the defendants again.   The detectives questioned Puiatti and Glock separately, for about an hour each.   Puiatti, who was interviewed after Glock, initially claimed Glock picked him up in Ritchie’s car to give him a ride to New York and that Puiatti knew nothing about the theft of the car or Ritchie’s death.   After the detectives told Puiatti that Glock already gave a statement about Ritchie’s murder, Puiatti said, “I might as well tell you,” and gave a statement about the murder.

Puiatti’s and Glock’s individual confessions, which they gave initially, differed from each other in only two ways:  (1) although Puiatti and Glock each confessed to shooting Ritchie, they differed on who fired which shots at her;  and (2) they each claimed the other man instigated the killing.

Puiatti and Glock were extradited to Florida.   On August 24, 1983, Detective Stahl asked Puiatti and Glock if they would give a joint statement confessing to their involvement in Ritchie’s murder, and they agreed.   Puiatti and Glock’s joint confession resolved the inconsistencies in their individual confessions.   Their joint confession stated that Glock had suggested shooting Ritchie, Puiatti fired the two shots on the first pass, and Glock fired the shots on the second and third passes.

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