Selena Celebrity Crime

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Selena whose full name is Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was a young singer who career was on the rise when she was brutally murdered by a woman by the name of Yolanda Saldivar who was the founder of the Selena Fan Club Selena Murder According to sources Yolanda Saldivar had spoken to Selena father several times about … Read more

Phil Hartman Celebrity Crime

phil hartman photos

Phil Hartman was a Canadian American comedian who spent over eight years on Saturday Night Live and was starring in the popular television program News Radio when his life was cut short by his wife Brynn Omdahl. Phil Hartman Murder Phil Hartman and Brynn Omdahl were married in 1987 and it was the third time … Read more

Rebecca Schaeffer Celebrity Crime

rebecca schaeffer photos

Rebecca Schaeffer was a promising young actress whose life was cut brutally short by a stalker by the name of Robert Bardo. The laws surround stalking would change following the Rebecca Schaeffer murder. Lets take a closer look at the sad event Rebecca Schaeffer Murder According to court documents Robert Bardo became interested in Rebecca … Read more