david wiggins
david wiggins

David Wiggins was sentenced to death and remains on Alabama Death Row for a robbery murder. According to court documents David Wiggins would break into a business and in the process of robbery would shoot and kill the owner Kyle Cavins. David Wiggins would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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AIS: 0000z760

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County Circuit Court of the 2005 capital murder of Kyle Cavins, was sentenced to death by lethal injection this morning.

“I think he got what he deserved,” said Cavins’ widow, Connie Cavins, after Judge George Greene read his decision. “And he didn’t show a bit of remorse. During the whole trial or anything, no remorse whatsoever. He got what he deserved.”

Wiggins sat quietly as the judge recounted the details of a case that occurred more than three years ago.

Greene spoke of Wiggins’ abusive childhood, his known crack cocaine habit and his long-time struggle with alcoholism. He also described how many blasts from a rifle it took to kill the 58-year-old Cavins that night at B&E Repair, 756 Alabama Highway 165 in Fort Mitchell.

The judge also mentioned the jury’s recent decision to impose the death penalty in the shooting death.

When the sentence was read, one of Wiggins’ family members, a woman, silently cried. Wiggins, wrists bound and wearing a white tunic and pants, did not appear to react.

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