Dyteon Simpson Guilty In Wayde Sims Murder

Dyteon Simpson
Dyteon Simpson

Dyteon Simpson has been found guilty in the murder of Louisiana State University basketball player Wayde Sims. According to court documents Dyteon Simpson would fatally shoot Wayde Sims outside of a Louisiana State University fraternity house as the basketball star attempted to break up a fight. The day after the murder Dyteon Simpson was pulled over by police who would find a 9mm gun underneath the seat with bullet casings that would match that of those found at the Wayde Sims murder scene. Dyteon SImpson would be arrested and later convicted of second degree murder.

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After hearing closing arguments, the jury deliberated over the fate of 23-year-old Dyteon Simpson, and found him guilty of the second-degree murder of ex-LSU basketball player Wayde Sims. 

The jury was shown three videos of the fight that broke out before Sims was killed in 2018, which showed Sims intervening in the confrontation and the moment of the shooting. Two were shot by spectators and another was the body camera footage from a police officer who was at the scene. 

Along with the footage, a 911 call placed by one of Sims’ friends was heard by the jury. In the recording, she told responders she couldn’t tell if he was alive or not. 

The state presented the gun that was found at the scene, and then finished their closing arguments. 

The defense presented evidence to the jury, including a pair of glasses, but Simpson chose not to take the stand. 

The jury was seated in Simpson’s trial just last week, and the two sides argued over who was the aggressor in the brawl before witnesses began taking the stand Friday.

During those testimonies, it came out that the fistfight—which broke out after a concert on Southern University’s campus—likely started over a woman. That woman was present during the fight, and she testified in favor of Sims, who she said was a friend.

The witness went on to say that she and her friends were approached by another group that included Simpson shortly before the fighting began. 

Jurors also watched a recording of Simpson’s interview with police where he admitted to being present for the brawl and having a gun on him at the time. 


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