Dominic Culpepper Teen Killer Murders Teenager

Dominic Culpepper Teen Killer

Dominic Culpepper was fourteen years old when he murdered another teenager. According to court documents Dominic Culpepper and two other youths believed that the victim had stolen a pound of marijuana from them. The group met the victim under the pretense of buying marijuana however the meet quickly turned violent and Culpepper would fatally beat … Read more

Kaleigh Fryer Teen Killer Murders Father

Kaleigh Fryer Teen Killer

Kaleigh Fryer was fifteen years old when she began to have an affair with an older, married man, Jerry Chiles. According to Chiles Kaleigh repeatedly asked him to murder her father. In the end Jerry would do just that stabbing the victim multiple times causing his death. The murderous pair attempted to make it look … Read more

Noah Crooks Teen Killer Murders Mother

Noah Crooks Teen Killer

Noah Crooks was thirteen years old when he murdered his mother. This teen killer would shoot his mother over twenty times causing her death. When asked about what his punishment should be for killing his mother he said he thought he would be grounded. Needless to say the judge did not feel the same way and sentenced … Read more

Alexander Crain Teen Killer Murders Parents

Alexander Crain Teen Killer

Alexander Crain was fourteen years old when he shot and killed both of his parents in Florida. According to court documents Alexander Crain phoned 911 in the middle of the night telling the operator that he had shot and killed both of his parents and did not know why. Alexander Crain behaviour following his arrest … Read more

Bryan and David Freeman Teen Killers

Bryan and David Freeman Teen Killers

Bryan and David Freeman would murder their entire family while they were still teenagers. According to court documents Bryan and David Freeman were self proclaimed neo Nazi’s and decided their parents Jehovah Witness beliefs were not to their liking. With their cousin Nelson Birdwell would murder their parents and their younger brother. The teen killers were convicted … Read more

Toni Fratto Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

toni fratto photos

Toni Fratto was seventeen when she helped murder a romantic rival. According to court documents Toni Fratto was dating Kody Patten and was jealous of the relationship he had with the victim Micaela Costanzo and demanded her boyfriend help get rid of the sixteen year old. Micaela Costanza was brought to a remote location where … Read more