perry austin
perry austin

Perry Austin was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murder of a nine year old boy. According to court documents Perry Austin went to the victim’s home looking for his older brother however since the brother was not home Austin took the nine year old boy. The little boys remains would be found eight months later. Perry Austin would be arrested eventually, convicted and sentenced to death

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Perry Austin 2021 Information

NameAustin, Perry Allen
TDCJ Number999410
Date of Birth06/23/1959
Date Received04/25/2002
Age (when Received)42
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed)9
Date of Offense8/19/1992
 Age (at the time of Offense)20
 Hair ColorBlack
 Height (in Feet and Inches)5′ 9″
 Weight (in Pounds)163
 Eye ColorBrown
 Native CountyHarris
 Native StateTexas

Perry Austin More News

The man who killed a 9-year-old boy in 1992 did it to exact revenge on the child’s older brother, an assistant Harris County district attorney told a jury today.

“He took David Kazmouz because he was mad at David Kazmouz’s older brother,” prosecutor Luci Davidson said of the man charged with capital murder.

Perry Allen Austin, 42, pleaded guilty today in state District Judge Caprice Cosper‘s court. The jury will decide if he spends the rest of his life in prison or is put to death by lethal injection.

Austin, who already is serving a 30-year sentence for sexual assault of a child, has said he wants to die. He fired court-appointed defense attorney Mack Arnold last week and has chosen to represent himself in the punishment phase of the trial.

Austin declined to make an opening statement to the jury.

Davidson told the panel that whether or not Austin had a death wish, the evidence would show that he should be executed by the state

In August of 1992, Davidson said, Austin had been out on parole for about a year from a 1978 rape, attempted rape and aggravated robbery conviction in Dallas. The victims were family members.

He was living in Houston and was a drug courier for a street gang when he befriended Karrem Kazmouz. Davidson said when some of the drugs came up missing, Austin thought Karrem Kazmouz, who was 16 at the time, had stolen from him.

“Because Karrem took from him, he was going to take from Karrem. He took his little brother,” Davidson said.

Kazmouz was abducted Aug. 19, 1992, from his Sharpstown neighborhood. Despite an intensive search and nationwide billboard campaign, no sign of the child was found for eight months.

Davidson said when the skeletal remains were found in April of 1993 in a wooded area about 6 miles from the Kazmouz home, there was no way to determine a cause of death. But investigators ruled it a homicide because the leg bones were tied together.

Although Austin always had been considered a suspect, there was not enough evidence to link him to the crime, Davidson said.

During the investigation, authorities discovered Austin’s girlfriend was 14-years old. He pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child and was sentenced to 30 years. In 1995, an additional 20-years was added to his sentence for stabbing an inmate.

But for years he kept silent about the Kazmouz case until he wrote a letter in January 2001 confessing to Houston homicide Sgt. Waymon Allen.

Davidson told the jury Austin picked Kazmouz up near his home that summer day, injected him with Demerol and slit his throat from ear to ear

The boy’s mother, Fay Kazmouz, testified Monday that her family had been riddled with guilt since the day her son was abducted. She said her middle son, Michael who was 13 at the time, blamed himself because he was watching David that day while his mother was at work.

Early in the investigation, Fay Kazmouz confronted Austin, she said.

“I looked him straight in the face and asked him if he knew where my son was,” Fay Kazmouz testified. “He looked me straight in the face and said `No.’ “

She said after Austin confessed she still had trouble realizing a friend could have done this.

“See, all along I had a hard time believing that someone I knew took my child,” Fay Kazmouz said. “I could not believe that someone could hurt him like that.”

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