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William Sweet was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murder of thirteen year old Felicia Bryant. According to court documents William Sweet took part in a robbery. When he saw the victim of the robbery going to the police he made a poor plan. Later that night he would kick in the door and shoot the victim and Felicia Bryant. Felicia Bryant would die from her injuries. William Sweet would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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William Sweet 2021 Information

DC Number:100063
Birth Date:10/03/1967
Initial Receipt Date:08/30/1991
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

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On June 6, 1990, Marcine Cofer was attacked in her apartment and beaten and robbed by three men. She could identify two of the men by their street names. On June 26, 1990, she was taken by Detective Robinson to the police station to look at pictures to attempt to identify the third assailant. When Robinson dropped Cofer off at her apartment, William Sweet was standing nearby and saw her leave the detective. Unknown to Cofer, Sweet had previously implicated himself in the robbery by telling a friend that he had committed the robbery or that he had ordered it done. Cofer asked her next-door neighbor, Mattie Bryant, to allow the neighbor’s daughters, Felicia, thirteen, and Sharon, twelve, to stay with Cofer in her apartment that night. Mattie agreed, and the children went over to Cofer’s apartment around 8 p.m.

At approximately 1 a.m. that evening, Sharon was watching television in the living room of Cofer’s apartment when she heard a loud kick on the apartment door. She reported this to Cofer, who was sleeping in the bedroom, but because the person had apparently left, Cofer told Sharon not to worry about it and went back to sleep. Shortly thereafter, Sharon saw someone pulling on the living room screen. She awakened Cofer. The two then went to the door of the apartment, looked out the peephole, and saw Sweet standing outside. Sweet called Cofer by name and ordered her to open the door.

At Cofer’s direction, Felicia pounded on the bathroom wall to get Mattie’s attention in the apartment next door, and a few minutes later Mattie came over. The four then lined up at the door, with Cofer standing in the back of the group. When they opened the door to leave, Sweet got his foot in the door and forced his way into the apartment. Sweet’s face was partially covered by a pair of pants. He first shot Cofer and then shot the other three people, killing Felicia. Six shots were fired. Cofer, Mattie, and Sharon were shot in the thigh, ankle and thigh, and buttock, respectively, and Felicia was shot in the hand and in the abdomen.

Sweet was convicted of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder, and burglary. The jury recommended a sentence of death by a vote of ten to two, and the trial court followed this recommendation.


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  1. He has been incarcerated now for over 30 years. He has served his time. If he was to be executed it should have been in the 20th Century when it happened.

  2. Please don’t release him. Sometimes an individual shows such absolute contempt for the lives of others that the only possible proportional response is to deprive that individual of their own life. Such a one is so evil that even the worst among us should not share their company.

    For those who think he has been incarcerated long enough – how long has that poor baby been in her grave? Can you free her from her grave?

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