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Barry Noetzel was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for a prison murder. According to court documents Barry Noetzel and Jesse Bell would murder a fellow inmate, Donald H. Eastwood Jr, at the Mayo Correctional Institute and would attempt to murder a prison guard. Both Barry Noetzel and Jesse Bell would be sentenced to death.

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Barry Noetzel 2021 Information

DC Number:378912
Birth Date:03/25/1974
Initial Receipt Date:03/18/2009
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Barry Noetzel More News

Two men convicted of killing an inmate and wounding a prison guard were sentenced to death by lethal injection in a Lafayette County Courtroom on Friday.

Circuit Court Judge David Fina announced the sentence of death for prison inmates Barry Noetzel and Jesse Bell. Both men are 46 years old and are previously convicted felons who have committed violent crimes.

The men were indicted on first-degree murder charges on June 26, 2019, for a brutal slaying of Donald H. Eastwood Jr., an inmate serving time, and attempting to murder James Newman by stabbing him. Newman worked at the Mayo Correctional Institute where Noetzel and Bell are currently serving lengthy sentences for previous convictions for violent crimes.

Both Bell and Noetzel, when brought into the courtroom, were shackled and were wearing additional security items as well as being guarded by heavily armed Department of Corrections personnel.

Fina took each defendant one at a time and sentenced them each to die at the Florida State Prison execution chamber. The two now-convicted killers chose not to go to trial and waived their rights to a sentencing hearing. They also acted as their attorneys and refused to have a legal counsel with them during the sentencing phase.

The court reviewed the law concerning a sentence of death and the conditions that would warrant it weighing aggravating circumstances against mitigating circumstances. The court gave the proper weight to each condition and in some cases when it came to sentencing Bell to death assigned very great weight to the reason for death over another life sentence. As for the mitigating circumstances to allow the men to live, the court considered several but gave those conditions slight weight or no weight to overcome the aggravating circumstances and stated exactly those reasons for each defendant.

Neither defendant had any comment nor showed any emotion when they heard they would die for their crimes.

Both men were allowed to say something to the court but declined. After sentencing the men, Fina said at the end of the sentencing, “May God have mercy on your souls.”

The two condemned were fingerprinted and led out of the courtroom to vans that will take them to the Florida State Prison for their final sentence to be carried out.

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