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Daniel Barrett Murdered Wife With A Fire Poker

Daniel Barrett

Daniel Barrett is a man from Pennsylvania who was just sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife with a fire poker. According to court documents Daniel Barrett and his wife Mary Barrett were involved in an argument that ended violently when Daniel would grab a fire poker and strike his wife with the metal objects several times before stabbing her. Daniel Barrett would take Mary body to the basement of their home and covered her up with a sheet. Daniel Barrett would pretend to be his wife on social media for a couple of days before turning himself into police where he would later confess to the murder.

Daniel Barrett 2022 Information

Daniel Barrett has yet to enter the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Daniel Barrett More News

A man who admitted to murdering his wife last year has pleaded guilty in Luzerne County court.

Police say Daniel Barrett of Plymouth confessed to killing his wife Mary Barrett, 43, in January of 2021 at their home on Gaylord Avenue in Plymouth.

Barrett pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on Monday, which comes with a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole.

Court papers indicate Barrett went to the Plymouth police station and confessed that he killed his wife Mary Barrett. Barrett told police that it all started with an argument in which Barrett accused his wife of cheating on him.

Barrett told police he remembers punching his wife and knocking her to the ground by the fireplace, but then he says he blacked out. When he came to, he was holding fireplace tongs over his head and was beating her with them.

Barrett said he continued to beat and stab her before dragging her body into the basement.

President Judge Michael Vogue said he usually tells people good luck on their way to prison, but he would not be wishing him the same.

The parents and family of Mary Barrett said they believe justice was served.

Family members of Mary spoke about her service in the Air Force, her kind nature, and her love of her community in their statements.

They said Mary loved Plymouth. And they said as proof it loved her back, the Plymouth Planning Agency established an award in her name to recognize historic homes.

Daniel Barrett Now

Daniel Barrett is currently incarcerated within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Daniel Barrett Release Date

Daniel Barrett is serving life without parole

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