Dustin Lynch Teen Killer Murders Teen Girl

Dustin Lynch Teen Killer

Dustin Lynch was fifteen years old when he murdered a teenage girl. According to court documents Dustin Lynch would beat the victim with a bedpost before fatally stabbing her to death. Dustin Lynch would be sentenced to life in prison without parole. While in prison this teen killer would murder his cellmate

Dustin Lynch 2023 Information

Number A460592

DOB 12/03/1986

Gender Male

Race White

Admission Date 12/23/2003

Institution Ohio State Penitentiary


Dustin Lynch Other News

Telling the judge “do what you have to do,” a former inmate at Toledo Correctional Institution stood passively as he was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing his cellmate.

Dustin Lynch, 26, refused to give Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Gary Cook any reason to sentence him to less than the maximum sentence for aggravated murder and would not allow his attorney to offer any mitigating factors.

“I feel like whatever sentence you give me, whether it’s 20-to-life, 25-to-life, 30-to-life, it amounts to life without parole because I’m already doing a 20-to-life sentence. So, do what you have to do,” Lynch said.

Lynch, who was in prison for killing a Medina County girl in 2002, pleaded no contest and was found guilty Oct. 2 of aggravated murder in the March 17 strangulation of Arturo Lopez, 43, formerly of Port Clinton. Lynch also carved the word “CHOMO” — a reference to child molester — into Lopez’s back.

The homicide was the second this year at the Toledo prison, which has since experienced two additional slayings of inmates.

Jennifer Donovan, an assistant Lucas County prosecutor, asked the court to impose life without parole because of the violent way in which Lynch killed his first victim — a 17-year-old girl in her family’s home where he had been welcomed — and his second victim in prison — with a rope he had directed Lopez to make.

“This takes time. It takes effort. It takes anger,” she said, adding that Lynch made statements after the 2002 murder that he would kill again. “This is an individual who should not be back on the streets.”

Defense attorney Jeff Simpson asked for a sentence that would give Lynch the opportunity for parole.

“Dustin is a young man, a lot of life ahead of him,” Mr. Simpson said. A sentence with parole eligibility “would give Dustin something to work towards.”

Judge Cook rejected that, citing Lynch’s violent history, his diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, and his behavior record in prison.

In addition to the maximum prison sentence, Judge Cook also ordered Lynch to pay the maximum fine of $25,000 — something he said Lynch may one day be able to do if he finds a way to profit from the story of his crimes as he once said he would do.

“This is not a free license for you to go back to the prison system and act with total disregard for any of your cellmates, because if that’s the case you’ll be brought back to another court and sentenced again, and eventually you’ll just run out of opportunities to have any interaction with anybody else in any community,” Judge Cook said.

Dustin Lynch More News

A convicted killer serving 20 years to life has been handed a life sentence for killing an inmate at Toledo Correctional Center.

A judge sentenced 26-year-old Dustin Lynch on Tuesday to life without parole.

Lynch had pleaded no contest in the strangling of Arturo Lopez last March at the north Toledo prison. According to online records for Lopez, the 43-year-old was behind bars on a rape conviction from 2005 and was scheduled for within a year of his murder.The Blade reports that the 26-year-old Lynch already was serving a sentence for killing a 17-year-old girl in Medina County in 2002.

The most recent inmate-on-inmate murder was the jailâ??s fourth in the past 13-months, in addition to an inmate suicide. Prior to the recent string of violence, the last inmate murder at TOCI occurred in 2000. A recent report from the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee suggests the increase in violence is the result of changes enacted by Governor John Kasich in 2011.

Records show violence at the prison rose after the state started doubling up inmates in the same cell to deal with overcrowding. ecords show violence at the prison rose after the state started doubling up inmates in the same cell to deal with overcrowding.

Dustin Lynch Other News

A 17-year-old changed his plea to guilty in the beating death of a teenage girl despite the advice of his attorney.

Dustin Lynch offered no explanation for why he punched, stabbed and beat JoLynn Mishne (pictured, right) to death in her Montville Township home in November 2002.

When asked by Judge Christopher Collier on Monday whether he had anything to say before his sentencing, he whispered, “Nope.”

Lynch’s attorney, V. Lee Winchell said he was opposed to Lynch’s plea. He said Lynch insisted that he wanted to plead guilty to a single count of aggravated murder, which carries life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years, in exchange for other charges being dropped.

Lynch, who was 15 at the time of the murder, could not have faced the death penalty.

An hour before the abrupt change of plea, Winchell, was prepared to ask to be removed from the case because of Lynch’s erratic behavior, which included mailing bloodstained, taunting confession letters from jail to the victim’s family and prosecutors.

Mishne’s mother, Lori, sat hunched over in the courtroom and sobbed loudly as her statement had to be read by someone else.

“I feel not one shred of compassion,” she said. “I want (Lynch) to suffer.”

She said it was the compassion that she taught her daughter that led to her death.

Lynch had been a guest at the Mishne home after JoLynn, 17, said the wayward teen had no other place to stay.

A week into his stay, JoLynn’s father, Merle “Mickey” Mishne, found his daughter’s body in the home.

Merle Mishne directed his anger at the court system and the prosecutor’s office, which he called a joke.

Mishne complained that, because of Prosecutor Dean Holman’s eagerness to cut a deal and avoid a trial, he will never know what motivated Lynch to kill his daughter.

Holman said the Mishnes agreed to the plea agreement.


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