Greg Delgado Pleads Guilty In Luis Guerrero Murder

Greg Delgado

Greg Delgado has plead guilty in the Luis Guerrero murder in exchange for a lighter sentence. According to court documents Luis Guerrero was found in his vehicle after it crashed suffering from a gunshot wound. Luis Guerrero would later die from his injuries. Greg Delgado who was responsible for the murder would be involved in a shootout with police before he was arrested. Now Greg Delgado has plead guilty to murder and a host of other charges in exchange for a fifty year sentence. The family of Luis Guerrero were hoping that all of Greg Delgado charges would run consecutively however the judge made the sentences run all together or concurrent.

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He fired at officers after he shot and killed a man in 2020, and on Monday, Greg Anthony Delgado took a plea deal that left several in the courtroom unhappy.

On February 21, 2020, Luis Guerrero crashed his truck off Darby Blvd near Highway 90 after he was shot in the chest and abdomen by Delgado.

Two years later, both the victim and defendant’s families gathered in Judge Velia Meza’s courtroom where Delgado settled his fate with a plea deal.

“The the pleas that Mr. Delgado are voluntarily made, and I will accept all the pleas,” Meza said.

Delgado was charged with murder, aggravated assault against a public servant, attempted capital murder of a police officer, possession of a controlled substance and possession of deadly weapon in a penal institution.

Delgado pleaded no contest to murder and guilty to the latter four charges

Although Delgado pleaded no contest to murder, he was found guilty. Delgado was sentenced to 50 years in each case. However, Guerrero’s family is frustrated that the sentences will run concurrently.

“That actually made me angry,” Ashly López said. López is Guerrero’s niece. “(Delgado) never showed no emotion. He seemed, like, unbothered.”

Guerrero’s mother, Amalia Vera was also present in the courtroom. She said Delgado has caused a lot of harm, and his sentence of 50 years isn’t nearly enough.

In a press release, Bexar County District Attorney, Joe González said, “This defendant has shown he has no respect for the law. Even while he has been in jail awaiting the resolution of the charges from this one event, this defendant has shown he continues to be a threat to law enforcement and others by repeatedly being found with weapons in the jail. Our community is safer with this defendant behind bars.”

Delgado must serve at least half of his sentence before he qualifies for parole

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