harold harvey
harold harvey

Harold Harvey was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murders of William and Ruby Boyd, According to court documents Harold Harvey and  Harry Scott Stitler arrived at the home of William and Ruby Boyd armed with an assault rifle, when the Boyd’s attempted to run they were shot and killed. Harold Harvey was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Florida Death Row Inmate List

Harold Harvey 2021 Information

DC Number:102992
Birth Date:12/30/1962
Initial Receipt Date:06/23/1986
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Harold Harvey More News

On February 23, 1985, Harold Lee Harvey met with Scott Stiteler, his codefendant at trial, and drove to the home of William and Ruby Boyd, intending to rob them.   Upon their arrival, Stiteler knocked on the front door.   In the meantime, Harvey grabbed Mrs. Boyd as she was walking around from the side of the house and took her into the house where Mr. Boyd was located.   Harvey had a pistol and Stiteler was holding Harvey’s AR-15 rifle which had recently been converted into an automatic weapon.   Harvey and Stiteler told the Boyds they needed money.   Mr. Boyd then went into the bedroom and got his wallet.   Sometime during the course of the robbery, Harvey and Stiteler exchanged guns so that Harvey now had possession of the automatic weapon.   After getting the money from the Boyds, Harvey and Stiteler discussed what they were going to do with the victims and decided they would have to kill them.   Sensing their impending danger, the Boyds tried to run, but Harvey fired his gun, striking them both.   Mr. Boyd apparently died instantly.   Harvey left the Boyds’ home but reentered to retrieve the gun shells.   Upon hearing Mrs. Boyd moaning in pain, he shot her in the head at point blank range.   Harvey and Stiteler then left and threw their weapons away along the roadway.

On February 27, 1985, Harvey was stopped for a driving infraction in Okeechobee County and subsequently placed under arrest for the Boyds’ murders.   He was read his Miranda rights at that time.   He was then transported to the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Department and again read the Miranda warning.   Harvey was questioned and interrogated, and after speaking with his wife, gave a statement in which he admitted his involvement in the Boyds’ murders


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