Murder Database Update 6/23

murder database

Well Murder Database has just passed fifteen hundred posts which includes over eight hundred executions. As any new website it takes some time to gain traffic and is definitely not the exception as it has been pretty slow going

When it comes to executions I have been linking from the Execution section on My Crime Library as it keeps it easier for me to keep track where I am on the list. It always amazes me on the lack of news coverage when it comes to executions in the USA. To me this is part of history that should be documented

Debating whether or not to create separate pages for each year of executions or individual death row states however that is not going to happen anytime soon as I continue to bang away at the list of executions that have taken place since the return of Capital Punishment in the 1970’s

Thank you to those who have been liking the posts and sharing them whether it is on the actual site or over on My Crime Library – Facebook page or the My Crime Library – Reddit page

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