Caril Ann Fugate Teen Killer Charles Starkweather

caril ann fugate photos

Caril Ann Fugate was the youngest woman in United States history to be convicted of first degree murder.  When Caril Ann Fugate was thirteen years old she began dating Charles Starkweather who was eighteen years old.  After they were dating for awhile Caril Ann Fugate mother and father were murdered allegedly by Charles Starkweather though … Read more

Seth Cunningham Teen Killer Murders 2 Men

Seth Cunningham Teen Killer

Seth Cunningham was seventeen when he was arrested for two murders. According to court documents Seth Cunningham would be arrested for the first murder that took place during a robbery and while in custody he would be charged with a second murder that took place a few months before the killing he was arrested for. … Read more

Josue Fuentes-Ponce Teen Killer MS 13 Gang Member Murders Teen

Josue Fuentes-Ponce Teen Killer

Josue Fuentes-Ponce is a MS 13 gang member who was convicted in the murder of a fourteen year old girl in Maryland. According to court documents Josue Fuentes-Ponce along with three other teens would lure the victim to an abandoned field where she was beaten and stabbed to death with a machete. Josue Fuentes-Ponce and … Read more

Dominic Culpepper Teen Killer Murders Teenager

Dominic Culpepper Teen Killer

Dominic Culpepper was fourteen years old when he murdered another teenager. According to court documents Dominic Culpepper and two other youths believed that the victim had stolen a pound of marijuana from them. The group met the victim under the pretense of buying marijuana however the meet quickly turned violent and Culpepper would fatally beat … Read more

Kaleigh Fryer Teen Killer Murders Father

Kaleigh Fryer Teen Killer

Kaleigh Fryer was fifteen years old when she began to have an affair with an older, married man, Jerry Chiles. According to Chiles Kaleigh repeatedly asked him to murder her father. In the end Jerry would do just that stabbing the victim multiple times causing his death. The murderous pair attempted to make it look … Read more

Noah Crooks Teen Killer Murders Mother

Noah Crooks Teen Killer

Noah Crooks was thirteen years old when he murdered his mother. This teen killer would shoot his mother over twenty times causing her death. When asked about what his punishment should be for killing his mother he said he thought he would be grounded. Needless to say the judge did not feel the same way and sentenced … Read more