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Richard Acosta Jr Charged With Capital Murder

Richard Acosta Jr Abel Elias Acosta

Richard Acosta Jr the father of Abel Elias Acosta who was the fourteen year old alleged killer who walked into a gas station in Garland Texas and opened fire has been charged with capital murder. According to police reports Richard Acosta Jr would drive his son Abel Elias Acosta to the gas station. Abel Elias Acosta would open fire killing four teens before heading back to the truck and his father then drove them away. Abel Elias Acosta who is still wanted, the triple murder took place the day after Christmas, has not been seen since. Richard Acosta Jr who turned himself in following the shooting is going to put a defense forward that he did not known his son was armed.

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A grand jury indicted the father of a Garland 14-year-old triple murder suspect after authorities said he drove his son to and from the fatal shooting.

Richard Acosta Jr., 33, was indicted on a capital murder of multiple persons charge by a Dallas County grand jury Thursday.

The shooting happened on the day after Christmas, when police said Acosta’s son, 14-year-old Abel Elias Acosta, opened fire in a Garland Texaco, killing three other teenagers and injuring one other person.

Authorities said Richard didn’t pull the trigger, but he did help his son commit the murders.

He is accused of driving his son to the Texaco gas station, where police said the 14-year-old is seen on video firing multiple gunshots.

“In the video, it’s clear as day, Abel Acosta was the one to pull the trigger. The father was in the car and he is still charged with capital murder,” Garland PD Lt. Pedro Barineau said. “There are certain parts of investigations and involvements in cases, where even though someone may not have caused the injury or damage, they too can be charged with the exact same crime.”

Police identified Richard Acosta Jr by using surveillance video and he turned himself in after seeing his image on the news after the shooting, but Abel has been on the run since the shooting.

“We have not gotten any assistance from him. We have gotten nothing in leading to where Abel Acosta is,” Barineau said. 

A $10,000 reward has been offered for information on the teen, but police have not yet received any concrete leads into his whereabouts.

Investigators said they are regularly getting tips as to where the teenager may be, but none so far have resulted in finding him.

They don’t even know if he’s still in the country. 

“He is 14, yes, which leads us to believe he is reliant on some people, but we can’t prove that,” Barineau said. “The fact that he is nowhere around and no one is coming forward leads us to believe someone is helping.”

While tips have not been fruitful yet, Barineau said detectives won’t stop until they get justice for the victims. 

“They don’t rest well because, as police officer’s our job is to keep our community safe. So when there is someone we know is armed and dangerous, who has committed such a horrendous act, killing three people, wounding a fourth, shooting multiple times, they are still out there, that’s hard for us because we know that people can’t rest,” he added.

In a previous court hearing, Richard Acosta Jr s attorney said he did not see the shooting happen and did not know what his son was planning.

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