Roger Wheeler Kentucky Death Row
roger wheeler

Roger Wheeler was sentenced to death by the State of Kentucky for a double murder. According to court documents Roger Wheeler who was on parole for a series of robberies would stab the two victims to death inside of their home. Nigel Malone and Nairobi Warfield were stabbed using a pair of scissors. Nairobi was pregnant at the time. Roger Wheeler would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

Kentucky Death Row Inmate List

Roger Wheeler 2021 Information

roger wheeler 2021
Roger Wheeler Kentucky Death Row
Active Inmate

PID # / DOC #:13416 / 108442
Institution Start Date:11/18/1991
Expected Time To Serve (TTS):DEATH SENTENCE
Minimum Expiration of Sentence Date (Good Time Release Date): ?DEATH SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date:DEATH SENTENCE
Maximum Expiration of Sentence Date:DEATH SENTENCE
Location:Kentucky State Penitentiary
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Height:5′ 9 “

Roger Wheeler More News

While on parole for 10 counts of robbery I, Wheeler killed Nigel Malone and Nairobi Warfield. Both of the victims were stabbed multiple times. When detectives arrived at the scene they discovered the murder weapon, a pair of scissor, still in the neck of one of the victims and a blood trail leading from the victims to the street. Blood samples collected at the scene matched Wheeler’s blood.

Roger Wheeler Other News

On the morning of October 2, 1997, the bodies of Nigel Malone and Nairobi Warfield were discovered inside the apartment they shared in Louisville, Kentucky. Malone was discovered laying in a pool of blood in the hallway of the apartment. He had been stabbed nine times. Warfield was found in a bedroom, leaning against a wall and covered with a blanket, with a pair of scissors protruding from her neck. She had been beaten and strangled to death. An autopsy later revealed that she was pregnant.

Wheeler became a suspect just hours after the bodies were discovered. He initially claimed that he did not visit Malone and Warfield’s apartment the night of the murders.  However, after DNA testing of blood swabs recovered at the murder scene confirmed the presence of Wheeler’s blood on the bedroom sheets, bedroom telephone, and thigh of Nairobi Warfield, Wheeler changed his story. At trial, he testified that he went to the apartment to deliver crack cocaine and was attacked by the real murderer, a man dressed in Army fatigues and wearing a Halloween mask.

The jury rejected Wheeler’s story. He was found guilty of two counts of intentional murder and sentenced to death. Wheeler took a direct appeal as a matter of right to the Supreme Court of Kentucky where he raised 28 issues for review. The Kentucky Supreme Court entered a final opinion that affirmed Wheeler’s conviction and death sentence on December 18, 2003. See Wheeler v. Commonwealth, 121 S.W.3d 173 (Ky. 2003).

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