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tony ford texas

Tony Ford was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for a murder committed during a home invasion. According to court documents Tony Ford and an accomplice forced their way into a home where they demand money and other belongings. The demands were met however Tony Ford would shoot four people inside of the home killing one of them. Tony Ford would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Tony Ford 2022 Information

SID Number:    04605730

TDCJ Number:    00999075


Race:    B

Gender:    M

Age:    48

Maximum Sentence Date:    DEATH ROW       

Current Facility:    POLUNSKY

Projected Release Date:    DEATH ROW

Parole Eligibility Date:    DEATH ROW

Inmate Visitation Eligible:    YES

Tony Ford More News

On December 18, 1991, the Murillo family attended a Christmas play to see their cousin perform. At the conclusion of the play the family departed to their mother’s, Myra Concepcion Murillo’s, home for a quick dinner. The mother and her three children, Myra Magdalena, Armando, and Lisa, all planned to do some Christmas shopping later that evening. After dinner, Armando was in the family room watching television, Myra Magdalena was readying herself in her bedroom for her shopping trip, and Lisa was in the kitchen. Their mother called out to her children at some point to inquire if any had heard the two men who had knocked at the door. The two men were apparently looking for “the man of the house” and the mother had refused to permit their entrance. After the children informed her that they had heard nothing, each returned to his or her previous task.

Moments later Myra Magdalena stepped out into the hallway to encourage *835 her family to hurry up. At that moment, she saw her mother and her brother retreating from the doorway. Her mother was backing up as if she was in fear for her life, kind of crouching down, and her brother looked as if he had been hit in the head and just huddled straight into the corner. She testified that within a few seconds, she saw [Ford] standing to her right, next to her at the entry to her bedroom. Subsequently she saw his cohort. She testified that both had guns. Lisa testified that she “heard a barging in, just a lot of noise, racket, like someone kicking wood.” She saw two strangers in the hallway with guns. Ford’s cohort pointed a gun at Lisa and walked her into the den area.

[Tony Ford] and his cohort ordered the four individuals to kneel on the floor and to be quiet. The Murillos began to pray. [Tony Ford] first demanded money, then jewelry. Throughout these demands, [Ford] would yell and threaten the family, occasionally pausing to strike Armando with the gun. Recognizing [Ford’s] cohort as “a very familiar face in the neighborhood,” Myra Magdalena attempted to divert her gaze away from the cohort to prevent being recognized. The four continued to pray as they were asked to remove their jewelry. Finally, [Ford] asked for the keys to the car parked outside. When Myra Magdalena hesitated in releasing her automobile keys, her sister retrieved them and awkwardly threw them towards [Ford]. The keys skinned his face and hit the wall. Myra Magdalena testified that [Ford’s] response was, “[F]uck you, just for that, I was just going to blow him. Now I’m just going to fucking blow you all.” She testified that [Ford] then began shooting.

[Ford] shot Armando in the back of the head. Myra Concepcion, upon seeing her son shot, jumped up to comfort Armando. [Ford] hooked his arm around her and shot her on the right side of the head. Myra Magdalena testified that [Ford] had to curve his gun around to aim it properly at her mother’s head before he shot her. Upon being shot in the head at point blank range, Myra Concepcion fell to floor. Myra Magdalena believed that she would be next. As [Ford] stepped toward her, Myra Magdalena rose and pushed him. The gun discharged and she fell to the ground pretending to be hit. The bullet had missed her. Another shot went off and she heard her sister “gulp.” After the robbers left, Myra Magdalena got up and phoned for help. Armando died from the gunshot wound. The others survived. [Ford] was identified as doing the shooting, and as being dominating, doing most of the talking and giving the most orders.[2]

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