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Cody Martinez was sentenced to death by the State of Arizona for a kidnapping and murder. According to court documents Cody Martinez was met at his door by Jonathan Summey-Montano and the victim. Cody and Jonathan decided to rob the victim who was brought into the kitchen was beaten for several minutes and struck several times in the head with a shotgun before being bound. The victim was forced into a car and driven to his apartment where his home was ransacked. The car they were driving broke down so they called a friend for a ride. The victim was forced into the new vehicle and driven to a remote location where he was shot by Cody Martinez. Jonathan Summey-Montano would plead guilty and agreed to testify against Cody Martinez in exchange for a life sentence. Cody would be found guilty at trial and sentenced to death.

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Cody Martinez 2021 Information

ASPC Florence, Central Unit
PO Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85132
United States

Cody Martinez More News

On June 12, 2003, Cody Martinez was at a friend’s house when another friend, Jonathan Summey-Montano, arrived with the victim. Once inside, Martinez and Summey-Montano decided to rob the victim. After joking with the victim, Martinez punched him in the face, then kicked and punched him for several minutes. Martinez and Summey-Montano eventually took the victim to the kitchen, where he was forced to lay on his stomach while they and another friend kicked him repeatedly. Eventually, Martinez directed two other friends to pull a car around the back of the house. While the car was being moved, Martinez returned to the kitchen with a shotgun, then bludgeoned the victim’s head with the weapon. Martinez and Summey-Montano then bound the victim’s hands with wire and his feet with duct tape. After the victim was bound, they removed his shoes and socks and robbed him of his money and jewelry. They placed him into the trunk of the car, and proceeded to the victim’s apartment. At the victim’s home, Martinez and Summey-Montano stole computer equipment, liquor, jewelry, drugs and music CD’s. They returned to the vehicle, which then would not start. They pushed the car to a nearby gas station, attempted to fix it, and eventually called a friend for a ride. Once the friend arrived, they got both cars to a residential street, loaded the victim into the cargo space of the new vehicle and drove to a remote area near the Tucson airport. At the desert area, Summey-Montano dragged the victim out of the vehicle. They instructed him to stand up, then beat him to the ground and continued punching and kicking for several minutes. After beating him, Martinez shot him twice with a shotgun. Martinez covered the victim with trash and lit the body on fire. A police officer noticed the smoke and subsequently pulled over the vehicle leaving the scene. Martinez and the others were arrested shortly thereafter.

Cody Martinez Other News

On June 12, 2003, twenty-one-year-old Cody James Martinez, fifteen-year-old Michael Lopez, and several other adolescents were at a friend’s Tucson home smoking marijuana.   Johnathon Summey-Montaño arrived with Francisco Aguilar.   Aguilar was sent out with two others to purchase rolling papers for the group.

¶ 2 Summey-Montaño described Aguilar to Martinez as a “baller” (meaning he had money) and suggested that they rob him.   Martinez agreed.   When Aguilar returned to the house, Martinez first engaged him in a conversation and then punched him in the face.   Martinez and Summey-Montaño began beating Aguilar, while other members of the group went outside.   Martinez and Summey-Montaño called Aguilar a child molester.2  Martinez directed Lopez to join in kicking Aguilar, threatening to kill Lopez if he did not do so.   Summey-Montaño pointed a shotgun at Aguilar.   Martinez took the shotgun and hit Aguilar in the head with it.   Martinez and Summey-Montaño then bound Aguilar’s hands and feet.   Aguilar was crying and begging for an explanation for the beating.   Martinez and Summey-Montaño took valuables from Aguilar:  Summey-Montaño put on Aguilar’s necklace and took two dollars from one of Aguilar’s shoes;  Martinez put Aguilar’s gold bracelet in his own pocket.

¶ 3 Lopez and Summey-Montaño then forced Aguilar into the trunk of a car.   Martinez, Lopez, Summey-Montaño, and at least one other person got into the car.   Martinez drove and Summey-Montaño gave directions to Aguilar’s home.   When they arrived, Martinez instructed one of the others to watch for Aguilar’s family.   Martinez and Summey-Montaño entered the house and returned with beer and liquor.   Apparently dissatisfied with the haul, Martinez demanded that Aguilar tell him “where’s the stuff;  where’s the shit?”-a reference to “drugs, money, or whatever.”   Martinez returned to the house and came back with a computer printer.3

¶ 4 When they tried to leave, Martinez could not start the car.   The group pushed the car, with Aguilar still in the trunk, to a nearby gas station.   They put gas in the car but it still did not start.   The group pushed it to a nearby pay telephone and sat there.   Aguilar remained in the trunk.

¶ 5 Later, an acquaintance arrived at the gas station.   Martinez spoke to this person and showed him a bag of methamphetamine.   The acquaintance used Aguilar’s mobile telephone to call Fernando Bedoy, who arrived in a Ford Explorer.   Using the Explorer, Martinez and the others pushed their vehicle to a side street.   The car still would not start.

¶ 6 Summey-Montaño and Martinez then led Aguilar from the trunk of the car to the cargo space of the Explorer, keeping him covered with a blanket.   Martinez poked Aguilar with a shotgun when Aguilar did not crawl into the Explorer fast enough.

¶ 7 Cody Martinez, Bedoy, Lopez, and Summey-Montaño got into the Explorer, leaving the rest of the group behind.   Bedoy drove.   After some discussion between Summey-Montaño and Martinez, Martinez directed Bedoy to the desert.   Martinez announced he intended to kill Aguilar and anyone who tried to stop him.

¶ 8 As Bedoy drove, Cody Martinez and the others were laughing and taunting Aguilar.   Summey-Montaño stabbed Aguilar in the hand with a knife and hit him with a compact disc he claimed to have stolen from Aguilar.   He also mocked Aguilar, asking him to name his favorite track on the disc.

¶ 9 When the group arrived at the desert area, Summey-Montaño pulled Aguilar out of the Explorer.   Cody Martinez and Summey-Montaño kicked Aguilar.   Aguilar was dragged around the truck, making “noises of pain ․ moaning and groaning.”   Martinez, Summey-Montaño, and Lopez continued kicking and stomping on Aguilar, while Aguilar begged for his life.   Martinez demanded he shut up and ordered Aguilar to march into the desert at gunpoint and then to lie down.

¶ 10 Cody Martinez fired a shot at Aguilar that went “[r]ight above his head,” although Martinez stood directly above the victim.   Martinez laughed about having missed.   As Martinez reloaded the shotgun, Summey-Montaño beat Aguilar with a tire iron and stabbed him in the belly.   Martinez fired again, this time hitting Aguilar in the collarbone area, “[a] little lower than the neck,” but not killing him.   Summey-Montaño refused Martinez’s request that he finish off Aguilar, so Martinez fired one more time, hitting Aguilar in the neck, killing him.

¶ 11 Cody Martinez and Summey-Montaño ordered Lopez and Bedoy to wipe out the footprints they had left.   Trash was piled on Aguilar’s body and Martinez lit the pile on fire.   The group returned to the Explorer and drove away.

¶ 12 Moments later, a Tucson Airport Authority police officer on patrol noticed smoke in the distance and the Explorer driving from that direction and initiated a traffic stop.   As the police cruiser and the Explorer crossed paths, Cody Martinez hid cocaine and methamphetamine in the vehicle in which he was travelling.   He told the group to tell police they were coming from a barbeque at “Cisco’s.”   He told the officer who stopped the Explorer the same.   Police detained the group.   Tucson firefighters, meanwhile, responded to the blaze and reported that a body had been found.   After the body was discovered, Martinez was taken into custody and, incident to that arrest, was searched.   Jewelry and marijuana were found in Martinez’s possession.   Liquor, drugs, and the shotgun were also found in the Explorer.


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