Daniel Pate Teen Killer Murders Uncle

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Daniel Pate was seventeen when he was involved in an argument with his uncle that would end in murder. According to authorities Daniel Pate and his uncle Michael Pate where involved in an argument outside of his home. Somewhere along the line Daniel Pate would arm himself and would shoot and kill his uncle while he sat in his vehicle. This teen killer would soon be arrested and would plead to second degree murder and would be sentenced him to twenty five years in prison

Daniel Pate 2020 Information

ID Photo
DC Number:170525
Birth Date:01/27/2000
Initial Receipt Date:07/31/2019
Current Facility:MADISON C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:10/30/2042

Daniel Pate Other News

An argument between two Jackson County family members ended in gunfire Monday afternoon, leaving one dead and the other in custody.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported Tuesday that Daniel Joseph Pate, 17, fatally shot his uncle Michael Dewitt Pate, 56, Monday afternoon outside the teen’s Cottondale residence. JCSO confirmed Tuesday that Michael Pate, of Fountain, had died of a single gunshot wound.

Daniel Pate is being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) on an open count of murder, and JCSO reported he could be facing additional charges in the case.

The shooting happened about 3:45 p.m. Monday outside a trailer at 3604 Veteran Road, just northwest of Cottondale. JCSO Capt. Scott Edwards said other family members discovered the scene and called authorities after Daniel Pate had fled in Michael Pate’s car. But not long afterward, the teen was in custody.

“A short time later — maybe 20 minutes — we got a call from the suspect,” Edwards said. “He said he was outside a church on Kynesville Highway, he was unarmed and he was waiting for us to arrive.”

The teen was arrested outside the Bethlehem Church, 2300 Bethlehem Road.

Details of what led to the shooting are currently “sketchy,” Edwards said. JCSO reported that the two had been in an argument outside the trailer where the teen lives on the afternoon of the shooting. Michael Pate was inside his vehicle as Daniel Pate stood outside it, and at some point, the teen armed himself and allegedly shot Michael Pate.

Daniel Pate then allegedly moved the victim before fleeing in the car, JCSO reported.

At the time of his arrest, Daniel Pate did not have the firearm on him, officers reported. Its whereabouts remain unclear.


Daniel Pate More News

The Office of State Attorney Glenn Hess announces that on July 19, 2019, Daniel Joseph Pate, 17, pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder with a Firearm, and Battery in a County Jail or Detention Facility.  Daniel Pate was sentenced to 25 years in prison, day for day, by Judge James Goodman, Jr., for the murder of his uncle, Michael Dewitt Pate.  The investigation revealed that on November 6, 2017, Michael drove to meet with Daniel at his residence.  An argument ensued and Daniel pointed a hunting rifle at Michael and shot him in the left eye while Michael sat in his vehicle.  After Daniel shot Michael, he removed Michael from the vehicle and left him lying on the ground.  Daniel then got into Michael’s vehicle and left the scene.  Daniel first called his father who advised him to notify 911 and turn himself in.  Daniel then called 911; confessed to the crime and advised that he was standing by at the Bethlehem Baptist Church waiting to turn himself in.  Officers arrived on scene and found Daniel sitting in Michael’s vehicle.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney, Mark E. Graham, and was investigated by Jeff Snell with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Daniel Pate More News

A teenager has pleaded guilty to murdering his uncle.

Friday, Daniel Joseph Pate, 17, pleaded guilty to second degree murder with a firearm and battery in a county jail or detention facility.

In November 2017, Michael Pate drove to meet Daniel at his home in Jackson County. They say the men argued and Daniel shot Michael with a hunting rifle while Michael was still in his vehicle. Daniel then moved Michael’s body out of the vehicle and took the car.

Daniel called his father who told him to call 911 and turn himself in. Daniel called and confessed to the crime and turned himself in at the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Pate was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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