James Watts North Carolina Death Row

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James Watts North Carolina Death Row 1

James Watts North Carolina Death Row

James Watts was indicted on 3 January 2000 for one count of first-degree murder, one
count of felonious breaking and entering, and one count of robbery with
a dangerous weapon

22 November 1999, Thomas Gene Owens returned to his home in Linwood,
North Carolina, to find his wife, Joyce McBride Owens, the victim, lying
in a pool of blood on their living room floor.   The victim’s body had
numerous stab wounds and two gunshot wounds to the head.   The victim’s
throat had been slit, and her left wrist had been tied with a black
electrical cord.
The evidence further showed that earlier on the
morning of 22 November, James Hollis Watts, defendant, and Alton Cline
McIntyre, codefendant, had been to the victim’s house.   A few days
before the murder, Johnny Pierce, defendant’s friend, had talked with
defendant and McIntyre about obtaining guns for him.   On the day of the
murder, defendant and McIntyre went to the victim’s house with the
intent of stealing guns known to be kept there.   Defendant and McIntyre
knocked on the victim’s door.   When the victim came to the door,
defendant inquired as to whether her husband was home.   After
establishing that the victim was alone, defendant pulled out a
semiautomatic gun and forced the victim into her house.
then ordered McIntyre to tie up the victim’s hands.   While McIntyre was
attempting to tie the victim’s hands with a black electrical cord,
defendant took a kitchen knife and cut her throat.   Defendant and
McIntyre then stabbed the victim numerous times before she fell to the
The evidence also showed that after disabling the victim,
defendant and McIntyre went to the gun cabinet in the master bedroom and
took two rifles, two shotguns, and one “muzzle loader.”   They also
found and took two crossbows that were displayed on the wall.   After
taking the weapons, defendant took a pillow from the victim’s bed, put
it over her head to muffle the sound, and shot the victim twice in the
After leaving the victim’s house, defendant and McIntyre
initially went to the home of defendant’s girlfriend, Kathy Coleman.
At Coleman’s house, McIntyre changed clothes and washed off.   Defendant
and McIntyre then traveled to Salisbury, North Carolina, to the home of
defendant’s sister, Tanya Gentry.   Gentry noticed that defendant
looked as if he had “held something up and gutted it.”   Defendant
explained the presence of blood on his clothes by telling Gentry that he
and McIntyre had been hunting
At Gentry’s house, defendant disposed of the evidence.   He gave his
sister the two kitchen knives which were used to kill the victim and
informed her they were “tater knives.”   Defendant also asked his sister
to destroy his bloody clothes.
On or about 23 November 1999,
defendant and McIntyre went to Pierce’s home to sell the stolen weapons.
  Defendant and McIntyre received only “a couple hundred dollars” and a
bag of marijuana as payment for the weapons.

James Watts 2020 Information

james watts north carolina death row
Offender Number:0428143                                          
Inmate Status:ACTIVE
Probation/Parole/Post Release Status:INACTIVE
Birth Date:12/28/1972
Current Location:CENTRAL PRISON
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