Sarah Johnson Teen Killer Murders Her Parents In Idaho

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sarah johnson

Sarah Johnson was sixteen years old when she was charged with her parents murders. According to court documents Sarah Johnson would fatally shoot her mother who was sleeping in her bed and would then fatally shoot her father who was in a bathroom nearby. At trial prosecutors would point to a wealth of DNA evidence in order to convict her. Sarah Johnson would deny that she had anything to do with her parents murders and continues to fight her conviction. The judge would sentence the teen killer to two life terms and she remains in a Idaho prison

Sarah Johnson 2020 Information

1451 Fore Road Pocatello, Idaho 83205

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The Idaho Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a Blaine County woman who was convicted of killing her parents while still a teen in 2003.

Sarah Marie Johnson was sentenced to life without parole in 2005 for fatally shooting her father, 46-year-old Alan Johnson, and mother, 52-year-old Diane Johnson. At the time, prosecutors said Johnson killed her parents after fighting with them over her relationship with an older man.

In a ruling handed down Friday, the Idaho Supreme Court said Johnson’s two fixed life sentences don’t violate the U.S. Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, which bars cruel and unusual punishment.×

The unanimous court agreed that two recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings forbid mandatory life sentences for juveniles. But they said those rulings didn’t impact Johnson’s case because the sentencing judge considered her age — 16 years old — as a mitigating factor before sentencing her to life in prison.

That’s because the U.S. Supreme Court rulings left it up to states to decide how to enforce the constitutional restrictions on juvenile sentences, essentially requiring that a judge consider the juvenile offender’s youth and attendant characteristics before determining that life without parole is appropriate, the Idaho Supreme Court found.

The trial court in Johnson’s case held a hearing to determine whether the crime was one that “reflected the transient immaturity of youth,” Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Burdick wrote in Friday’s ruling. That hearing was the sentencing hearing, Burdick wrote, during which experts testified about the developmental state of an adolescent’s brain, among other things. The trial judge also made specific references to Johnson’s youth during the sentencing, showing that it was weighed against the heinous nature of her crimes, the high court found.

That’s enough to satisfy the requirements of the U.S. Supreme Court rulings, Burdick wrote.

“We recognize the holdings in Miller and Montgomery apply to Idaho, but affirm the district court’s ruling that the substantive requirement in those cases — that the sentencing court holds a hearing that considers the youth of the offender — was met,” Burdick wrote.

The Idaho Supreme Court also found that Johnson isn’t entitled to have new testing run on DNA samples collected after the murders, and that claims that her attorney was ineffective during an earlier post-conviction appeal aren’t a sufficient reason to justify a second post-conviction appeal.

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sarah johnson
sarah johnson photos

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Murder Of Diane And Alan Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sarah Johnson 2020 Update

    Sarah Johnson is currently incarcerated at the Pocatello Women's Correctional Center in Idaho

  2. Sarah Johnson Release Date

    Sarah Johnson is serving life without parole

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    • Jack Johnson
    • January 23, 2020

    This is how I know that Sarah Marie Johnson is not guilty of the murders of her Parents,Alan Scott Johnson & Diane Marie Johnson.

    Alan was 6 feet 6 inches tall & Sarah is only 5 feet 2 inches tall,meaning that she was too short to shoot him in the chest by shooting from straight across,while standing flat on the ground.

    The actual shooter in this case is Christopher Kevin Hill,who is 6 feet tall,he shot Alan from straight across,while standing flat on the ground,all that he had to do,after he shot Diane,who was sleeping in bed,was aim the rifle straight across at his chest & then with 1 pull of the trigger,he shot him in the chest from staight across.

    If she wanted to shoot Alan in the chest,while standing flat on the ground,then Sarah would have had to aim the rifle in the direction of the bullet going up,in order to do that,before pulling the trigger.

    If she wanted to shoot Alan in the chest from straight across,then she would have had to stand on either a stool or a stepladder in order to do that & there was no sign of either a stool or a stepladder being placed next to where Diane was sleeping,before she was shot,proving that Christopher Kevin Hill shot them to death & not Sarah.

    Although she has always been a model prisoner,Sarah was constantly being abused by the guards at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center,ever since she first arrived there,back in 2005.

    There are multiple ways that Sarah was constantly being abused by those mean guards,like,for some examples,they would slap away at her face,they would pin her against those walls,they would put a wet sponge,with soap suds on it,into her mouth & they would also intentionally infest her cell with bugs,like ants & cockroaches,prompting her to have to stand on the bed,only to keep them from getting onto her feet.

    I understand that there is a reason why you might have been pointing the finger at Sarah,regarding those murders,however,if that’s the case,then now you need to know that you are pointing the finger at the wrong source.

    Sarah didn’t do it,she did not pull the trigger,in fact,she never even touched the murder weapon,plus,she never even saw the murder weapon.

    You now have to point the finger at Christopher,because it was him,who shot them to death.

    On the Morning of September 2,2003,Christopher took the rifle from the guesthouse,that the Johnson Family owned,then he entered the Johnson Family home,while the front door,at their home,was left unlocked,then he shot Diane,who was asleep in bed & then he shot Alan,who was coming out of the shower.

    Sarah was awakened by the first shot & then after hearing a second shot,she got down onto the floor to hide behind her bed,to avoid being seen & shot to death,by Christopher & a few minutes later,she got up from the floor,walked slowly to her Parents’ bedroom & saw that they were shot to death,prompting her to run out of the house & over to the neighbors’ house in a panic.

    Sarah had no idea that while she was hiding behind her bed,Christopher grabbed the robe to clean up the blood that was on the floor,next to where Diane was sleeping & that he placed those 3 knives onto the floor & that he tried to hide the murder weapon from the police & that he tried to throw out both the robe & the separate gloves & this,at least,partly explains how she was framed for those murders.

    Christopher also got his fingerprints & DNA all over the crime scene,on the Morning of those murders.

    If you’re wondering why Christopher Kevin Hill shot Alan & Diane to death,then,I can answer that,they told him that he would have to pay them $20,000.00 in rent on the guesthouse,that they owned,with their warning being that if he didn’t pay them,by September 2,2003,then they would evict him from the guesthouse & this made him angry,so he falsely told them that he will see them,on the Morning,of September 2,2003,to pay the rent,without telling them that this is the day that he planned on murdering them,because he didn’t want to pay them that much in rent.

    Alan was obviously taking a shower to prepare himself for when Christopher shows up & he did show up,however,he only showed up to shoot him & Diane to death,instead of paying them the rent.

    Now I understand that this other guy named Mel Speegle was out of town,on the Morning of those murders & that it was his rifle that was used in those murders & he was wealthy enough that he was able to afford to pay the rent,on the guesthouse,however,Christopher,who he shared the guesthouse with,didn’t want to pay too much in rent,on the guesthouse,especially after Alan & Diane told him that they would evict him from the guesthouse,if he didn’t pay the rent & he decided that he would rather murder them,than pay the rent,on the guesthouse,meaning that his motives were his refusal to pay the rent & their threat to evict him from the guesthouse,if he didn’t pay the rent.

    On another note,if you’re wondering why those guards at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center have constantly been abusing Sarah,then,I can answer that,when she first arrived there,back in 2005,she immediately provided hospitality to her fellow inmates,just by being nice to them & the guards became so jealous,that they started abusing her.

    Sarah was always a productive member of society,before she was mistakenly arrested for those murders & so am I.

    Sarah is like the Daughter of Jesus,while Christopher is like the Son of Satan & I am very angry that Sarah is incarcerated,instead of Christopher,because it’s like if the hen is locked up in a cage,instead of the fox & the system really stole her life.

    Sarah will need to be released from this torture chamber called the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center,right now,before those mean guards go right back to abusing her & before it escalates into either Rape,Murder or Rape & then Murder.

    Right after she is released from prison,the system owes Sarah a major apology for stealing her life.

    I have an idea on what the police can do to get Christopher Kevin Hill to confess to those murders.

    To get it started,an officer can go undercover by dressing up like a regular citizen & meet up with Christopher,wherever he would like & while going by any name that he would like,while also wearing a wire,hidden under his outfit.

    When the officer meets up with Christopher,he would be pretending that he want to form a bond with him.

    What the officer would want to know about from Christopher is why he shot Alan & Diane to death & his answer will be that he owed them $20,000.00 in rent on the guesthouse that they owned & that they were threatening to evict him from the guesthouse,if he didn’t pay the rent & this made him angry,so he falsely told them that he will see them,on the Morning,of September 2,2003,to pay the rent,without telling them that this is the day that he planned on murdering them,because he didn’t want to pay them that much in rent & then on the Morning of September 2,2003,he carried out his plan by shooting both of them to death.

    After the police get this confession from Christopher,they would then be able to arrest him for those murders.

      • Angela Vazquez
      • May 21, 2020

      All her DNA was on the murder weapon forensics is a beautiful thing.

        • Jack Johnson
        • July 15, 2020

        Hey,I Already Said About How I Know That An Innocent Woman Is Mistakenly Incarcerated In Idaho,Check Out The Details,Once Again & You Will See How.

        How Much Longer Will The Abuse Last?

        Sarah Marie Johnson Will Need To Be Released Anyway,Because Of The Ongoing Pandemic,Allowing Her To Keep Safe From The Coronavirus.

        If They Don’t Get Her Out Of There In Time,Then She Will Get The Coronavirus.

    • Jamie
    • May 24, 2020

    Here’s Sara’s case, clipped from an episode of Corrupt Crimes:

    Sara Johnson, 16 Year Old Killer (8m:15s)

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