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Tyrese Harris Teen Killer Charged In 12 Year Olds Murder

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Tyrese Harris is an eighteen year old alleged teen killer from Louisiana whose failed carjacking attempt led him to being charged with the murder of a twelve year old boy. According to police documents Tyrese Harris attempted to carjack a vehicle in New Orleans and would fire his gun as the victim fled however Tyrese would drop his cellphone at the crime scene which would lead police to charge him with the murder of 12 year old Derrick Cash. According to police reports Derrick Cash was shot multiple times as he stepped out of a stolen car and Tyrese Harris has admitted to the murder. Along with murder charges Tyrese Harris is facing armed robbery charges for the carjacking of a New Orleans real estate agent and for the failed carjacking.

Tyrese Harris More News

The man accused of last week’s carjacking of a woman at the Costco gas station confessed to fatally shooting a 12-year-old boy in what was New Orleans’ first homicide of 2022, police said in court documents filed Monday (Feb. 7).

As first reported by Fox 8, 18-year-old Tyrese Harris was booked with second-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Derrick Cash. Cash emerged from a stolen car in the 14000 block of Michoud Boulevard in New Orleans East on Jan. 3 and died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds, New Orleans police said.

Harris, who was arrested Sunday and accused of the brutal Feb. 1 carjacking of realtor Kelleye Rhein at the Costco fueling station, was booked with the Cash murder and the attempted armed robbery of another man’s car from a convenience store gas station on Howard Avenue on Jan. 18.

In that failed carjacking attempt, police said Harris fired shots at the would-be victim before fleeing but dropped a cellphone at the scene that contained evidence police said linked him to the killing of Cash.

NOPD homicide detectives wrote in the affidavit that they confronted Harris with the evidence Sunday after he had been read his Miranda rights.

“During the recorded interview, Mr. Harris admitted to committing the shooting (of Cash) on Michoud Boulevard,” homicide detective Walter Edmond wrote in his sworn affidavit. “Harris stated he was armed with a .45-caliber firearm and he shot the victim several times.”

The cellphone Harris fumbled and lost during the Jan. 18 carjacking attempt also contained evidence documenting Harris’ efforts to dispose of that murder weapon, Edmond wrote.

“Harris was trying to get rid of the gun by trading it,” Edmond wrote.


Tyrese Harris Other News

 The juvenile found shot to death Monday (Jan. 3) morning outside a car in the Michoud area by New Orleans police has been identified as a 12-year-old boy.

The preteen victim was identified as Derrick Cash, the Orleans Parish Coroner’s office said Wednesday (Jan. 5).

The NOPD said Cash was found lying on the ground near a vehicle shortly before 10 a.m. in the 14000 block of Michoud Boulevard. The area near the former Six Flags New Orleans site is mostly wooded on one side, with a small housing development separating it from Lake Michoud.

Cash, who had been shot several times, was pronounced dead at the scene, the NOPD said. Police have not explained the circumstances of the boy’s death, nor said whether they have developed a suspect or motive in the fatal shooting.


Tyrese Harris More News

A man has been arrested in connection with several carjacking incidents across New Orleans, including two at a Costco gas station last week.

According to officials, the NOPD’s Violent Warrant Squad and the U.S. Marshals located 18-year-old Tyrese Harris in the investigation of an unarmed carjacking that took place Tuesday afternoon in the 3800 block of South Carrollton Avenue.

Harris was taken in without incident in the 1500 block of Milton Street. Officials said Harris was identified through their investigation and a warrant was obtained on a charge of principal to simple carjacking.

According to jail records, Harris was arrested for armed robbery with a fire arm in September of 2021, but the Orleans Parish District Attorney refused that charge two months later on November 10th.

Earlier in the week, WDSU spoke to the family of Kelleye Rhein, who was pumping gas when her car was stolen. Rhein was badly injured in the incident after being dragged roughly 30 feet from where she was pumping gas.

NOPD confirmed that the second-degree murder charge is in connection with the murder of 12-year-old Derrick Cash.

Cash was shot and killed in New Orleans East. Next to Cash’s body was a stolen black Jeep Cherokee. The car was stolen at the Pontchartrain Hotel when a couple attempted to valet their vehicle.

Harris is currently being held on charges of attempted armed robbery, attempted armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated criminal damage to property, illegal use of a weapon, illegal carrying of a weapon, principal to carjacking, and second degree murder.

His total bond for these charges is set at $2.76 million.

Criminal history:

Court documents outline Tyrese Harris’ alleged involvement in a carjacking on Howard Avenue as well as the two Costco carjacking incidents reported last week.

According to the documents, On Jan. 18, Harris was accused of attempting to carjack someone at the Circle K on Howard Avenue.

Court records show that the victim of the carjacking attempt was pumping gas when a white Volkswagen SUV turned into the gas station parking lot.

The victim said he saw a suspect, later identified as Tyrese Harris, close his driver’s side door of his car.

Court records show the victim pulled a gun out and aimed it at Harris in an attempt to scare him away.

The Volkswagen drove off, leaving Harris in the victim’s car, according to court documents. Harris is then accused of pointing a gun at the victim and firing shots as he ran away from the car.

Court documents show that police found a cellphone and spent shell casings on Carondelet Street, where Tyrese Harris had run following the incident.

Police say the cellphone found on the ground was traced and determined to belong to Harris.

According to court records, a second victim reported having their car damaged by gunfire on Carondelet Street where Harris’ cellphone was found.

Police were able to determine that the victim was attempting to turn into the gas station parking lot when his car was struck by gunfire two times by Harris, who was running from the first victim’s car, according to court records.

Just days later, police began investigating a carjacking incident at the Costco gas station that severely injured Rhein.

According to court records, police arrived at the scene of the carjacking where Rhein was found on the ground bleeding.

Rhein, who was knocked unconscious after being dragged during the carjacking, was unable to give police any information about the incident.

Court documents show that police spoke with witnesses on scene who had surveillance footage of a black SUV and a white SUV pulling out of the parking lot of the Costco following the carjacking.

The witness said the vehicles got stuck on Palmetto Street and drove off in the wrong direction on Cambronne Street.

Witnesses described the suspect as wearing distinct clothing.

Court records show just a day before, on Jan. 31, a carjacking attempt was made at the same gas station.

According to court records, the video showed that the suspect was wearing the same distinct clothing as the incident reported on Feb. 1.

Police then turned to social media where they were able to find Harris’ Instagram, according to court documents.

Court records show Tyrese Harris was wearing the clothing described in both Costco carjacking incidents in the Instagram Live video on Feb. 2.


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