Hayley Bowden Teen Killer Murders Elderly Woman During Robbery

Hayley Bowden mugshot photos
Hayley Bowden Photos

Hayley Bowden was sixteen when she murdered an elderly woman. According to court documents Hayley and her boyfriend were staying in a home without permission, when the victim found them instead of leaving the couple would stab the man repeatedly causing his death and attempted to burn the house down. Hayley and her boyfriend would steal his truck which was recovered in a pond. The two would eventually be arrested and found guilty on the robbery and murder charges. Due to her age the teen killer was sentenced to forty years in prison

Hayley Bowden 2020 Information

hayley bowden 2020 photos
ID Photo
DC Number:P57250
Birth Date:04/24/1996
Initial Receipt Date:11/02/2016
Current Facility:HERNANDO C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:01/12/2052

Florida Department Of Corrections

Hayley Bowden Other News

A teenager who stabbed an elderly man in Walton County a couple of years ago finally plead before the court Tuesday.

According to State Attorney Bill Eddins, Hayley accepted an open plea for First Degree Premeditated Murder and/or Felony Murder along with other charges on October 6th in lieu of taking her case to trial.

She could face life in prison when sentenced on January 19, 2016.

Bowden stabbed 77-year-old Arthur Anderson after he discovered that she and her boyfriend Crispin Ramirez were living in a DeFuniak Springs home for which he was the caretaker.

According to the state attorney’s office, Bowden then collected several items from the residence and loaded them into one of Anderson’s vehicles while Ramirez set fire to the house and his other automobiles.

Officials say the two were later apprehended by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office but not before Ramirez threatened deputies and exploded homemade fire bombs to resist arrest. We are told Bowden fled into the woods.

The state attorney’s office says Bowden confessed to all the crimes she was charged with after being arrested.

Ramirez made a deal with the state back in September 2014, to avoid the death penalty. He plead guilty to First Degree Murder and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Hayley Bowden Photos

Hayley Bowden teen killer photos
Hayley Bowden Photos
hayley bowden 2019 photos
Hayley Bowden Mugshot Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hayley Bowden 2020 Update

    Hayley Bowden is currently incarcerated at the Hernando Correctional Institute in Florida

  2. Hayley Bowden Release Date

    Hayley Bowden is scheduled for release in 2051

Hayley Bowden More News

Hayley Bowden, who at the age of 16 participated in the 2013 killing of elderly Mossy Head resident Arthur Anderson, was sentenced Tuesday to 40 years in prison.

Circuit Court Judge Kelvin Wells ordered Bowden to serve 40 years on one count of felony murder, 40 years on a count of burglary with assault and five years for grand theft.

The sentences will be served concurrently, however, and Bowden, by virtue of her age, will be eligible in 25 years for a review of her sentence, said Assistant State Attorney Josh Mitchell, who represented the state at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

Bowden’s boyfriend at the time of the crime, then 22-year-old Crispin Ramirez, was sentenced to life in prison in September of 2014 for his role in the Anderson killing.

“The citizens of Walton County are going to be safer for the next 40 years,” Mitchell said after Tuesday’s hearing. “I think Mr. Ramirez and Ms. Bowden posed a great risk to the citizens of Walton County, as evidenced by the crime spree they went on in 2013.”

Anderson was a caretaker for a home on West Juniper Avenue in Mossy Head on Jan. 24, 2013, when he confronted Bowden and Ramirez and was stabbed to death, according to news reports.

Bowden had run away from home and she and Ramirez had taken up residence in the home Anderson was looking after.

Both Bowden and Ramirez “participated and contributed to the death of Mr. Anderson” by repeatedly stabbing him, Mitchell told the court last year when Bowden agreed to plead guilty.

Walton County deputies were unaware Bowden and Ramirez had killed Anderson when they originally encountered the two Jan. 24. They were looking for a runaway, but arrested the pair when Ramirez threatened officers with a knife, reports said.

Suspicions rose when Anderson’s truck was found in a pond near where the stabbing took place.

Bowden and Ramirez had stolen Anderson’s vehicle and also attempted to burn down the home where they’d left his body.

One reason for the delays in sentencing Bowden was that her attorneys had filed motions calling the defendant’s competency into question.

Judge Wells ultimately ruled Bowden competent to stand trial, according to State Attorney Bill Eddins.

“We’ve been back and forth over the last year trying to get this resolved,” Mitchell said


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