Lois Nadean Smith

Lois Nadean Smith Women Executed In The US

Lois Nadean Smith was executed for the murder of her son’s ex girlfriend. Lois along with her son and another woman picked up the victim as she was walking along the road. Smith had heard rumours that the ex girlfriend was trying to hire someone to kill her son. The victim completely denied this however […]

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Marilyn Kay Plantz

Marilyn Kay Plantz Women Executed In The US

Marilyn Kay Plantz was executed by the State of Oklahoma for organising the murder of her husband in order to collect the insurance. Marilyn and her husband were married for several years before they moved to Oklahoma City. Soon after their arrival Marilyn began having an affair with another man and somewhere along the way […]

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Wanda Jean Allen

Wanda Jean Allen – Women Executed In The US

Wanda Jean Allen would be executed by the State of Oklahoma for the murder of her girlfriend. Allen came from a troubled background and when she was twelve years old she was hit by a car leaving her with brain damage. It is believed her IQ was in the high 60’s. In 1981 Wanda Jean […]

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Sean Sellers Teen Killer Sentenced To Death In Oklahoma

Sean Sellers was sixteen years old when he would murder his parents and in a separate crime murder a clerk at a convenience store. This teen killer would be convicted on all three murders and sentenced to death and would be executed a number of years later and before the United States stopped executing teens […]

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