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scott anderson

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson Serial Bomber Arrested

Scott Anderson is a man from Fresno California who has just been arrested for a series of bombing. According to police reports Scott Anderson has set off seven bombs during the last year that included everything from a mailbox to a California Probation Services vehicle. Authorities believe that Scott Anderson is tied to a white supremacy group however they did not elaborate. During an execution… Read More »Scott Anderson Serial Bomber Arrested

rod ferrell 2021 photos

Rod Ferrell Teen Killer The Vampire Killer

Rod Ferrell was known as the Vampire Killer or being part of the Vampire Clan which was a group of young teenagers who would end up murdering two people in Florida. Rod Ferrell who believed he was a vampire and convinced a number of teens to go with him to New Orleans. The teens included Charity Keesee, Dana Cooper and Howard Scott Anderson. On the… Read More »Rod Ferrell Teen Killer The Vampire Killer