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Daniel Doyle was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the sexual assault and murder of Pamela Kipp. According to court documents Daniel Doyle would sexually assault and murder Pamela Kipp as well as murder Monica Ruddick. Daniel Doyle would be arrested,convicted and sentenced to death

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Daniel Doyle 2021 Information

DC Number:086006
Birth Date:10/19/1959
Initial Receipt Date:09/22/1982
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Daniel Doyle More News

Appellant Doyle was a neighbor and relative of the Kipp family, including Pamela Kipp, the victim. On September 5, 1981, he was doing yard work in the Kipp’s yard and later drove his truck which was full of branches and leaves to a nearby area to unload the debris. Witnesses reported seeing Pamela Kipp jogging in the same area at the same time. The victim never returned home. After a search, a skeleton later identified as that of Monica Ruddick was discovered in the area where the defendant had been dumping leaves. Shortly thereafter, the victim’s body was discovered about 200 yards from the area where Doyle had been dumping leaves. Found near the victim’s nude body were a beige carpet and fresh tree clippings as well as ruts in the mud where a vehicle had been stuck. Doyle’s truck had been stuck in the mud in the area the day of the murder and another individual had helped him pull his truck out of the mud.

Before the discovery of the victim’s body, Doyle had been questioned by police since he reportedly was the last person to see the victim. Later, Doyle and his girlfriend went to the police station where he was given his rights and where he gave a tape-recorded statement. Doyle was then confronted with inconsistencies in his story concerning freshness of certain grass clippings at a different location and the date of the presence of a front-end loader at the dump site, after which he made a non-recorded inculpatory statement to the police, with such statement being repeated with modifications in subsequent tape-recorded statements at the county jail. Doyle admitted having sex with the victim and killing her, claiming, however, that he was intoxicated at the time and had no recollection of details of the incident. The victim was found to have been killed by strangulation and to have been sexually battered while still alive. Doyle claimed, in one statement, that he had asked the victim to help him get his truck out of the mud and he attacked her, she fought back, and he then strangled her and had intercourse with her on the carpet in the grass. He also admitted telling his girlfriend on a number of occasions subsequent to the murder that he had killed the victim.

At the suppression hearing, but not at trial, it was reported that Doyle had undergone a hypnosis session after his last taped confession in an attempt to recall further details of the murder. The session lasted an hour and was taped. Allegedly, Doyle admitted the Kipp killing as well as the Ruddick killing, but then recanted and denied killing Monica Ruddick. However, both the tape of this session as well as all notes were lost and never recovered.

Doyle was indicted for the first-degree murder of Pamela Kipp and the sexual battery upon Pamela Kipp with force likely to cause serious personal injury. At trial, he was found guilty of both charges and at the sentencing phase,[1] the jury voted for an *356 advisory sentence of death. The trial court concurred and sentenced Doyle to death.

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  1. However, both the tape of this session as well as all notes were lost and never recovered.
    How does that even happen??
    This guy wants out so he can kill another. He’s not mentally regarded enough for being granted clemency. He knew what he doing.

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