• Dakotah Eliason Teen Killer – Kills Sleeping Grandfather

    Dakotah Eliason was fifteen years old when he shot his Grandfather who was sleeping. According to court documents Dakotah Eliason would grab a gun, walk over to his Grandfather who was sleeping on the couch. According to family friends Eliason was dealing with a deep depression having lost a number of crucial people in a short time span. This teen killer would…

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  • Teen KillersAmy Lee Black Teen Killer

    Amy Lee Black Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

    Amy Lee Black Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery Amy Lee Black was just sixteen when she and her boyfriend robbed and murdered a man in Michigan.  According to court documents Amy Lee Black and her boyfriend Jeff Abrahamson were drinking with the victim at their apartment when an argument broke out. Amy Lee Black would strike the victim over…

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  • Nathaniel Abraham Teen Killer Murders Man

    Nathaniel Abraham was just eleven years old when he shot and killed a man. According to court documents Nathaniel Abraham was playing with a gun when he took aim at a man some distance away. The man was struck in the head and died instantly. This teen killer would be sentenced to eight years in youth detention. Since his release Nathaniel Abraham…

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