anthony stanley
anthony stanley

Anthony Stanley was sentenced to death and remains on Alabama Death Row for a robbery murder. According to court documents Anthony Stanley and his wife Shelley invited the victim Henry Earl Smith over to their home in order to rob him. When Henry Earl Smith he was stabbed over thirty times causing his death. Anthony Stanley would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Anthony Stanley 2021 Information

AIS: 0000Z742
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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A Shoals man will be paying the ultimate price for the vicious murder of a Colbert county man.

Anthony Lee Stanley appeared before a judge at the Colbert County Courthouse in Tuscumbia to be sentenced for the 2005 death of Henry Earl Smith.

Jurors have recommended life in prison for Stanley, but today that decision was overturned in a case that many say was one of the most brutal cases ever in that county.

41-year old Anthony Stanley was found guilty of capitol murder back in April.

The jury recommended life in prison but today Circuit Court Judge Hal Hughston overturned that decision and sentenced Stanley to death by lethal injection.

He cited the brutality of the crime in June 2005, Stanley and his wife Shelley lured Smith to their Tuscumbia apartment to rob him.

Smith was stabbed more than 30 times and beaten with a bat.

Shelly Stanley originally faced a capital murder charge, but entered a plea deal.

She was sentenced to life in prison.

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