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Arthur Brown Texas Death Row

arthur brown texas

Arthur Brown was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murders of four people. According to court documents Arthur Brown would go into a residence and execute four people inside of the home including a pregnant woman. Arthur Brown would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Arthur Brown 2022 Information

SID Number:    04755370

TDCJ Number:    00999110


Race:    B

Gender:    M

Age:    51

Maximum Sentence Date:    DEATH ROW       

Current Facility:    POLUNSKY

Projected Release Date:    DEATH ROW

Parole Eligibility Date:    DEATH ROW

Inmate Visitation Eligible:    YES

Arthur Brown More News

Rachel Tovar and her husband, Jose, were drug dealers in Houston, Texas.   They supplied marijuana and cocaine to other drug dealers, including Brown and his associates, who were from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.   On June 19, 1992, Brown traveled from Tuscaloosa to Houston, accompanied by Marion Dudley, Antonio Dunson, and Maliek Travis.   They arrived at the Houston residence of Brown’s sister, Grace, early in the morning on June 20.

That evening, six people were bound and shot in the head at Rachel Tovar’s residence in Houston.   Four of them died:  Jessica Quinones, the pregnant common-law wife of Rachel Tovar’s son, Anthony;  Jose Guadalupe Tovar, Rachel Tovar’s husband;  Audrey Brown, one of Rachel Tovar’s neighbors;  and Frank Farias, Rachel Tovar’s son.   Rachel Tovar and Alexander Camarillo, also known as Nicolas Cortez Anzures, survived and testified at Brown’s trial.   Both of them identified Brown and Dudley, whom Tovar knew, from previous drug deals, by the nicknames of “Squirt” and “Red,” as the shooters.1  Three of Brown’s sisters—Serisa Ann Brown, Grace Brown, and Carolyn Momoh—testified as witnesses for the State at the guilt-innocence phase.   All three of them claimed that the police and prosecutors had threatened them in order to coerce their cooperation.   Carolyn Momoh was held in contempt and incarcerated at one point during the trial for invoking the Fifth Amendment, despite the fact that she had been given immunity.   After she eventually testified, she was convicted of perjury.   The jury convicted Brown of capital murder.

At the punishment phase of Brown’s trial, the State re-offered all of the evidence presented at the guilt-innocence phase.   The State also presented evidence that Brown had committed an armed robbery in Tuscaloosa four years earlier;  that he had extorted other prisoners while in the Harris County Jail awaiting trial;  and that he had assaulted a deputy at the Harris County Jail. The defense presented Brown’s school records, which reflected that he had a low IQ, suffered from learning disabilities, and performed poorly in special education classes.2  The defense also presented the testimony of a law professor that convicted, incarcerated offenders become less violent as they age.   The jury answered affirmatively the special punishment issues on future danger and whether Brown actually caused the deaths, intended to kill the victims, or anticipated that human life would be taken.   It answered negatively the special punishment issue on mitigating circumstances.   The trial court sentenced Brown to death.

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