Antwan Anthony North Carolina Death Row

Antwan Anthony North Carolina Death Row 3

Antwan Anthony North Carolina Death Row

Two suspects in a triple murder-robbery at a convenience store in rural
North Carolina were released from prison — one after serving nine years —
just a matter of weeks before they were arrested in connection with the
April 1 slayings.

The crime took place as three employees at Hustle Mart in Farmville,
N.C. — including the teenage son of the owner and his two cousins — were
preparing to close for the night. Three armed men with their faces all
or partly covered covered burst in the store to rob it. They also
apparently shot the employees despite no obvious signs that the victims
had tried to resist. A customer discovered the bodies shortly after the
perpetrators left, around 10 p.m.

The three victims were Mokbel Mohamed Almujanhi, 16 – known at his high
school as “Sam” — Nabil Nasser Saeed Al’mogannahi, 26, and Gaber Alawi,

Surveillance video from the scene of the crime and tips from the public
led police to arrest four suspects on April 4: Antwan Andre Anthony, 29;
Xavier Montel Shamble, 19; Willie Whitehead, 23, and a fourth male
whose name was not disclosed because he is a minor.
Each is charged with three counts of murder and a combination of other
crimes including first-degree kidnapping, robbery, and possession of
firearm by a felon.

One of those suspects, Antwan Anthony, had spent most of the past decade
in Connecticut prisons before being released on Jan. 21, according to a
report by the Hartford Courant, citing prison records. He was allowed
to serve out a five-year parole in North Carolina where he has family,
the report said.

Anthony was initially jailed in 2002 on second-degree assault charges,
the paper reported. He had three subsequent convictions, while in
prison, for assaulting prison guards — each time extending his sentence,
the report said.

Anthony was “a very difficult inmate,” according to a Connecticut
correctional official quoted by Greenville area newspaper, the Daily
Reflector. The official said that his behavior prompted more than 100
disciplinary reports while he was incarcerated in that state.

Corrections personnel told the Courant that Anthony committed a fourth assault, in Sept. 2010, that was not charged.

State police were called into investigate after Anthony allegedly
head-butted an officer while being transported, and an arrest warrant
was submitted to the state’s attorney’s office in Tolland, a spokesman
for the union that represents Connecticut’s corrections officers told
the Courant.

“We had no idea why he wasn’t prosecuted and that didn’t sit well with
the men and women in the state prison system,” Larry Dorman, spokesman
for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Council 4 which, represents prison guards, told the Courant.

Police hunt for suspects in triple murder-robbery in rural N. Carolina

Another of the four suspects, Xavier Montel Shamble, 19, had been out of
a North Carolina prison for just three weeks when he allegedly took
part in the crime that left three young men dead, records from the North
Carolina Department of Corrections show.

The records also reveal a history of repeat convictions for the third
suspect, Willie Whitehead, 23, who had served time for offenses
including robbery with a dangerous weapon and larceny dating back to
2004. He was released after serving time for his last conviction — for
possession of a weapon by a felon — last August.

The three adult suspects are being held in Pitt County Detention Center
in North Carolina. Police did not release the whereabouts of the
underage suspect.

In surveillance videos, the victims, whose family is originally from
Yemen, did not appear to put up any kind of resistance to the robbers
during the April 1 encounter, said Christy Wallace, public information
director for the Pitts County sheriff’s office.

“There wasn’t anything they could have done differently,” she said.…om-prison?lite

Antwan Anthony 2020 Information

Offender Number:1293151                                          
Inmate Status:ACTIVE
Probation/Parole/Post Release Status:INACTIVE
Ethnic Group:AFRICAN
Birth Date:12/02/1982
Current Location:CENTRAL PRISON

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