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Guy Gamble Florida Death Row

guy gamble

Guy Gamble was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murder of Helmut Kuehl. According to court documents Guy Gamble would beat to death his landlord Helmut Kuehl with a hammer. Guy Gamble would forge checks from the victims account after his death. Guy Gamble would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Florida Death Row Inmate List

Guy Gamble 2021 Information

DC Number:123096
Birth Date:08/19/1971
Initial Receipt Date:08/11/1993
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Guy Gamble More News

Guy R. Gamble and Michael Love murdered their landlord, Helmut Kuehl, by striking him several times in the head with a claw hammer and choking him with a cord.

[A]pproximately six days before the murder[,] Gamble told his girlfriend that he was going to “take out” Kuehl.   The day before the murder he instructed his girlfriend to pack their belongings because they would be leaving town.   He also had her sit at a table pretending to write a rent receipt, whereupon he would sneak up behind her and practice choking her with a cord.   The day of the murder Gamble picked up his final paycheck and returned home, where he and Love gathered money to use as a guise for rent payment.   They approached Kuehl, who was sitting in his garage, engaged him in conversation, and asked for a rent receipt.   When Kuehl went to his apartment to obtain the receipt, Love searched the garage for a weapon, found a claw hammer, and placed it on a counter.   Kuehl returned to the garage, Gamble picked up the claw hammer and struck Kuehl in the head with such force that Kuehl fell to the floor.   Gamble then got on top of Kuehl, held him down, and instructed Love to shut the garage doors.   After shutting the doors, Love took the claw hammer and proceeded to repeatedly strike Kuehl in the head.   After the hitting ceased, Love wrapped a cord around Kuehl’s neck and began choking him.   Gamble stated that there was no reason to choke their victim and urged that they just leave him.   Gamble then wrapped the hammer and cord in newspaper and left them lying on the floor.   After cleansing themselves of their victim’s blood, Gamble and Love stole Kuehl’s car, picked up their girlfriends, ․ forged and cashed a check on Kuehl’s account, and left town.

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