Jose Acuna-Valenzuela Arizona Death Row

Jose Acuna-Valenzuela arizona death row

Jose Acuna-Valenzuela was sentenced to death by the State of Arizona for the murder of a man. According to court documents Jose Acuna-Valenzuela would shoot and kill a man who had earlier testified against him in another criminal case. Jose Acuna-Valenzuela would fire several shots into a vehicle killing the vehicle and severely injuring his passenger. Jose Acuna-Valenzuela would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

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Jose Acuna-Valenzuela 2021 Information

Last Name First Name Middle Initial ACUNA-VALENZUELAJ OSE A
Gender Height (inches)Weight Hair Color MALE 73 204 BLACK
Eye Color Ethnic Origin Custody Class Admission BROWN MEXICAN AMERICAN Close/Moderate 10/06/2014
Projected Eligible Release Date Prison Release Date Release Type Death SENTENCE EXPIRATION
Most Recent Location As of Date Complex Unit Last Movement Status FLORENCE ASPC-F CENTRAL D/RW 07/20/2017 ACTIVE

Jose Acuna-Valenzuela More News

In August 2011, Edgar S. and his girlfriend Perla M. went to a local Baskin-Robbins to get ice cream. They saw Jose Acuna-Valenzuela, who had previously been Edgar’s friend. In 2008, Edgar had testified against Acuna during a criminal proceeding in which Acuna was sentenced to prison. Thereafter, their relationship soured.

When Jose Acuna-Valenzuela saw the couple inside Baskin-Robbins, he looked at them twice, his eyes widened, and he walked toward an exit door and yelled at Edgar, “I told you I didn’t want to [expletive] see you.” Once outside, Acuna saw Sandra P., a friend from high school, who was running errands in the same shopping complex. Acuna appeared upset while talking with Sandra, saying (about Perla) that she “told me that she hadn’t seen him, that she wasn’t talking to him no more,” and she “lied to me,” and (about Edgar) that “I did prison time for him.” Sandra offered to help Acuna, reassuring him that she would support him in a fight against Perla.

After Edgar and Perla left the Baskin-Robbins and got into Perla’s car, Edgar said, “Baby, he’s coming.” Over her right shoulder, Perla saw Jose Acuna-Valenzuela running and firing a gun at her vehicle. Bullets shattered the car window and struck Edgar. Edgar tried to get out of the vehicle while Acuna continued to run behind the car and shoot at Perla. Acuna then left the scene in Sandra’s car. Edgar sustained multiple bullet wounds, and Perla was hit in her upper back. She survived, ultimately undergoing two surgeries. Edgar died from his injuries.

Jose Acuna-Valenzuela was convicted after trial of first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, discharge of a firearm at a structure, and misconduct involving weapons. The jury found two aggravating circumstances: (1) that Acuna had been previously convicted for another serious offense (the attempted first degree murder of Perla); and (2) that he murdered Edgar in retaliation for testimony in a court proceeding. A.R.S.

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