Jose Uderra Pennsylvania Death Row

Jose Uderra

Jose Uderra was sentenced to death by the State of Pennsylvania for a drug related murder. According to court documents Jose Uderra would shoot and kill the victim after an argument related to a drug purchase where Jose sold what was suppose to be crack cocaine however it was laundry detergent. Jose Uderra would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Jose Uderra 2022 Information

Parole Number: 267AB
Age: 55
Date of Birth: 03/11/1966
Race/Ethnicity: HISPANIC
Height: 5′ 10″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: PHOENIX

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The evidence of record, viewed in the light most favorable to the Commonwealth as verdict winner, discloses the following.   At approximately 7:00 a.m.   on October 18, 1991, the victim, Michael Sharpe, went to the 2900 block of North Orkney Street in Philadelphia to purchase drugs.   There, Juan Perez sold Sharpe several vials purporting to contain crack cocaine, which in reality contained ordinary detergent.   After discovering the ruse, Sharpe returned at approximately 8:00 a.m., and demanded his money back from Perez.   As the two men argued, Jose Uderra, armed with a twelve gauge single-barrelled sawed-off shotgun, approached to assist Perez.

When Sharpe refused to comply with Appellant’s and Perez’s subsequent demands for money, Jose Uderra and Perez threw Sharpe to the ground, hit and kicked him, and went through his pockets.   Perez forcibly removed Sharpe’s shoes and coat, throwing the shoes toward the roof of a nearby house and the coat across the street.   After unsuccessfully attempting to force Sharpe into an abandoned house, Appellant stood Sharpe up against a wall and shot him in the chest with the shotgun.1  The victim was shot at such close range that the shotgun shell wadding entered his body.

Immediately following the shooting, Appellant fled to a green station wagon parked on North Orkney Street.   Before entering the station wagon, Appellant handed the shotgun to Joanne Rivera, who was standing beside the vehicle, and ordered her to hide it.   The victim, although mortally wounded, somehow managed to cross the street and enter a vacant lot, where he collapsed.

Two eyewitnesses, Maria Martinez and Maria Carrasquillo, separately watched the events from windows of their respective homes on the 2900 block of North Orkney Street.   Both eyewitnesses immediately called the police, who arrived at the scene within minutes and found the victim alive and bleeding profusely from his chest wound, unable to speak or respond to questions.   The victim was transported to Temple University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Having been informed by Martinez and Carrasquillo that the shooter had fled to a green station wagon parked on North Orkney Street, officers later discovered Appellant and an unidentified woman in a green 1973 AMC Hornet station wagon.   Martinez and Carrasquillo identified Appellant as the killer.   They each recognized Appellant because he had been living in the station wagon parked on North Orkney Street.

Later that afternoon, Joanne Rivera admitted that she had hidden the shotgun at the request of Appellant and directed officers to its hiding place under some debris about two blocks from the crime scene.   Officers retrieved the shotgun and recovered a fired shell casing from it.   Ballistics testing was conducted on the shotgun and the spent shell casing that was found in it and it was determined that the shell found in the shotgun had been fired by that shotgun to the exclusion of all others.   Officers also found an unspent shotgun shell in the station wagon, which was consistent with the shell found in the shotgun and with the pellets recovered from the victim’s body.   The shell wadding recovered from the victim’s body was also consistent with the type of shell found in the shotgun.

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