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Marcus Williams was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for the sexual assault and murder of a woman. According to court documents Marcus Williams would break into the woman’s home and attack her in her bedroom. After the woman was brutally beaten she would be sexually assaulted and would be choked to death. Marcus William would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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AIS: 0000Z656
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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On November 6th, 1996, the defendant had been out with friends, drinking and smoking marijuana.   Upon returning home that evening, the defendant’s thoughts turned to a young female neighbor of his, Melanie Dawn Rowell, and his desire to have sexual relations with her.

“At approximately 1:00 a.m. that night, Williams attempted to enter Rowell’s back door, but the door was locked.   He then noticed a kitchen window beside the door.   He removed the screen from the window and found that the window was not locked.   It was through that window that Williams obtained entrance to the apartment.

“Marcus Williams proceeded through the kitchen to the stairs leading to the upstairs bedroom.   Before exiting the kitchen, Williams removed a knife from a set of knives in a holder on a kitchen countertop.   Part way up the stairs, knife in hand, Williams removed his pants.   Upon reaching the upstairs area, Williams crossed over a ‘baby gate’ which protected Rowell’s two children, ages 15 months and 2 years, from the stairs.   Williams looked into the children’s room and found them both asleep.

“Williams then entered the room of Melanie Rowell.   He climbed in bed on top of her.   When he began removing Rowell’s clothes, a struggle ensued.   Rowell fought Williams and began screaming despite [his] being armed with a knife.   Williams placed his hand over her mouth to silence her and once again attempted to remove her clothes.   As Rowell continued to struggle, Williams placed his hands around her neck.   Eventually Rowell ceased to struggle as Williams continued to strangle her.   When she was motionless, Williams proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her for 15 to 20 minutes.   Prior to ejaculation, Williams pulled out and ejaculated on Rowell’s stomach.   There was a small cut inflicted upon Rowell’s throat that was determined to be post-mortem.   The cause of death was asphyxia due to strangulation.

“As he left Rowell’s apartment, Williams took her purse.   According to his statement, he threw the purse and the knife into a dumpster outside the apartment, although a search of the dumpster the next day by law enforcement failed to find either.

“The defendant was subsequently arrested after being identified by the elderly female victim in a subsequent break-in in the Ashville area.   Upon being taken into custody for that offense, the defendant gave a statement admitting his involvement in the death of Melanie Rowell.”

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