allen holman
allen holman

Allen Holman was sentenced to death by the State of North Carolina for the murder of his wife Linda Holman. According to court documents Linda Holman phoned police and told them she was scared to return home because of her husband Allen Holman. Police escorted her home and told Allen Holman to pack his stuff and leave and he was not to return. A number of weeks later Linda Holman called 911 saying she was being chased in her car by Allen Holman. Police would try to capture Allen but he was able to escape and would return to shoot and kill Linda Holman with a shotgun. Allen Holman would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Allen Holman would die of natural causes on death row – April 2023

North Carolina Death Row Inmate List

Allen Holman 2021 Information

Offender Number:0587681                                          
Inmate Status:ACTIVE
Birth Date:03/29/1959
Current Location:CENTRAL PRISON

Allen Holman More News

The State’s evidence presented at the sentencing proceeding tended to show that on 6 July 1997 the victim called the Morrisville Police Department and stated that she believed that her husband, defendant, would kill her if she returned home.   Police officers were dispatched to meet the victim at the location from which she placed the call and to escort her home.   When the officers met the victim, she appeared hysterical;  she was crying and shaking, and she acted terrified.   The officers escorted the victim home and spoke to defendant, who apologized for causing the officers to be called out and told the officers that he was packing to move away.   Defendant was allowed to collect his remaining property and left with a warning from the officers that he would be cited for trespass if he returned.

The next day the victim unsuccessfully attempted to remove defendant’s name from the lease to the home she rented, and she contracted to have a security system installed.   Sometime thereafter, the victim began parking her car so that it faced the road and was closer to the door to the house;  changed her phone number and the locks on her house;  nailed the windows of her house shut;  and began keeping the curtains drawn so that defendant could not shoot her from outside the house.   The victim told the law enforcement agencies of nearby municipalities that she feared defendant would kill her, and she verified that officers knew how to get to her house.   The victim also circulated a petition to have the street that she lived on officially named to enable quicker response from police and emergency personnel.   Witnesses testified that from 6 July 1997 to 28 July 1997 the victim repeatedly told them that she was terrified that defendant was going to kill her.

Around 6:04 a.m. on 28 July 1997 the victim called 911 from her cellular phone and told the dispatcher that she was driving eighty-five to ninety miles per hour on Highway 55 towards Apex, North Carolina, with defendant chasing her in his own car.   The victim also told the dispatcher that defendant was trying to kill her and that he was ramming her vehicle with his own vehicle.

The dispatcher alerted police officers and told the victim that officers were waiting farther up the road for her car to pass them.   The victim spotted an officer’s car in a grocery store parking lot and stopped her car next to it.   The officer in the car saw defendant make a quick turn and drive away.   The victim was terrified, but the officer told her to wait in the parking lot for other officers to arrive;  and the officer began pursuit of defendant.

Defendant eluded the officer and returned to the parking lot where the victim was still waiting for the other officers to arrive.   A short time later Sergeant Denson, an officer with the Apex Police Department, pulled into the parking lot and saw defendant’s car parked in front of the victim’s car and defendant standing beside his driver’s side door holding a shotgun.   Defendant then got into his car, pointed the shotgun out the window, fired a shot, and drove away.   As Sergeant Denson began chasing defendant in his own car, he saw the victim lying on the ground on the driver’s side of her car in a pool of blood.   Sergeant Denson pursued defendant and requested that other officers attend to the victim.   When the officers requested by Sergeant Denson arrived at the parking lot, they found the victim’s lifeless body lying face-up on the ground by her car.

Upon leaving the parking lot defendant drove back towards the victim’s house with officers in pursuit.   When he arrived at the victim’s house, defendant held police at bay for a time before shooting himself in the abdomen.   During this time in a phone conversation with a co-worker of the victim, defendant admitted shooting the victim twice in the parking lot.   Defendant later also admitted to an officer that he had shot the victim.   Police officers took defendant into custody.   Defendant was subsequently treated by medical personnel for the self-inflicted wound.

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on the victim found two shotgun slug entry wounds in the victim’s back.   The medical examiner further determined the cause of death to be massive blood loss attributable to these wounds.

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