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donald dallas

Donald Dallas was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for a murder that occurred during a kidnapping. According to court documents Donald Dallas would force a woman into the trunk of a car after forcing her to make withdrawals at various ATMS. Donald Dallas would abandon the car with the woman still in the trunk and she would ultimately die from a heart attack. Donald Dallas would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Donald Dallas 2021 Information

AIS: 0000Z588
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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The record indicates that on July 12, 1994, Mrs. Hazel Liveoak left her home in Millbrook to go grocery shopping in Prattville.   As she was placing her groceries into her car, Donald Dallas and co-defendant, Carolyn Yaw, pushed Mrs. Liveoak into the car and forced her to lie face down on the floorboard.   He and Yaw got into the car.   The appellant told Mrs. Liveoak that he wanted her money.   When she informed him that she only had $10.00 with her, he replied that that was not enough and began to drive toward Greenville.   Mrs. Liveoak told the appellant that she had a credit card that could be used at an automatic teller machine.   In Greenville, the appellant drove to the end of a dirt road, opened the trunk and forced Mrs. Liveoak into it.   With Mrs. Liveoak in the trunk, the appellant and Yaw travelled to Montgomery.   The appellant drove the car to the bank and parked in an area of the parking lot far removed from the bank building.   Yaw was successful in using Mrs. Liveoak’s credit card in 3 of 11 transactions to obtain $300.00.   The appellant remained at the car, talking to Mrs. Liveoak while Yaw withdrew the money.   Mrs. Liveoak prayed for the appellant and his family while she was in the trunk.   The appellant told Mrs. Liveoak that he and Yaw would abandon the car and telephone for help to ensure that she was released from the trunk.   Mrs. Liveoak told the appellant that she had a heart condition.   Mrs. Liveoak was never released from the trunk and she suffered a heart attack and died.

Evidence was presented tending to prove that Mrs. Liveoak did not die immediately but rather lived for a number of hours.   Evidence was also presented that Mrs. Liveoak had a number of bruises and cuts on her hands consistent with trying to free herself or calling for help.   The State presented evidence that the appellant and Yaw, after leaving Mrs. Liveoak, went to a “crack house” to purchase cocaine with the stolen money.   They then went to a motel and spent the night smoking crack cocaine.   The testimony of Dennis Bowen, an acquaintance of the appellant, indicated that the appellant and Yaw were bragging at the crack house that they had placed an elderly lady in the trunk of a car and had left her there.   When Bowen questioned the appellant about his statement, he responded that he “hoped the old lady would die.”   Evidence was also presented showing that, three days before this offense, the appellant had abducted and robbed Wesley Portwood, an 80-year-old man, in the parking lot of a Kmart in Prattville.   As with Mrs. Liveoak, the appellant made Portwood lie face down on the floorboard of his car, then drove to a remote area and ordered him out of the car.   The appellant told Portwood to lie down in the weeds or he would place him in the trunk of the car.   Portwood told the appellant that he did not want to get into the trunk because he would “smother inside.”   The appellant then robbed Portwood of $160.   Portwood survived the abduction.

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