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Howard Lewis Texas Death Row

howard lewis

Howard Lewis was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murder of a sixteen month old boy. According to court documents Howard Lewis, who was a TDOCJ Prison guard, would strangle his sixteen month old son. Howard Lewis would also murder the child’s Grandmother Shanta Crawford however he has not yet been charged with this murder. Howard Lewis would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Howard Lewis 2021 Information

NameLewis, Howard
TDCJ Number999613
Date of Birth9/20/1967
Date Received11/9/2018
Age (when Received on Death Row)51
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed)12
Date of Offense7/24/2013
 Age (at the time of Offense)45
 Hair ColorBlack
 Height (in Feet and Inches)6′ 00″
 Weight (in Pounds)163
 Eye ColorBrown
 Native CountyTarrant
 Native StateTexas

Howard Lewis More News

A man convicted of killing his infant son has been sentenced to death.

According to the Walker County District Attorney’s Office, Howard Lewis was sentenced by a jury on Thursday night after being convicted October 29.

Authorities say Lewis’s son, Aiyden Lewis, was found strangled at his grandparents home near Huntsville in 2013.

Howard Lewis will be now be processed and taken to the Polunksy unit in Livingston

According to the district attorney’s office, Lewis has not been separately charged for the death of Shanta Crawford, the child’s grandmother.

“It was the decision of the Walker County District Attorney’s Office to proceed under the provision of the Texas Penal Code that defines capital murder as causing the death of a child under the age of 10 years. At this time, there is no plan to proceed with a second prosecution for the death of Ms. Crawford, but that possibility remains open in the future,” said Stephanie Stroud, first assistant district attorney in the case.

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