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Kevin Marinelli pennsylvania

Kevin Marinelli was sentenced to death by the State of Pennsylvania for a murder committed during a robbery. According to court documents Kevin Marinelli and two other men would force their way into a home where the victim was tortured before being ultimately murdered. Kevin Marinelli would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Kevin Marinelli 2022 Information

Parole Number: 3724O
Age: 49
Date of Birth: 04/30/1972
Race/Ethnicity: WHITE
Height: 6′ 01″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: PHOENIX

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On May 18, 1995, Marinelli was found guilty of first degree murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and aggravated assault, following a jury trial in the Court of Common Pleas of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court summarized the relevant facts as follows:

The testimony at appellant’s trial established the following facts. On the evening of April 26, 1994, appellant and his brother, Mark Marinelli (Mark), and Kirchoff met at appellant’s apartment to plan a burglary of the residence of Conrad Dumchock (Dumchock), whom Mark knew to have stereo equipment. The three men obtained weapons, disguises, and gloves in preparation for the burglary, and proceeded to Dumchock’s home in Kulpmont.
Dumchock was home alone and had just spoken to his sister and brother-in-law on the telephone for forty-five minutes. The Marinelli brothers and Kirchoff arrived at Dumchock’s home and initially had difficulty gaining entry. Observing that Dumchock’s car was parked outside his house and concerned about the possibility of being discovered, the threesome left Dumchock’s residence but returned a few minutes later to again attempt to enter. Eventually, they broke a small window in the kitchen door and entered the residence.
Upon entering Dumchock’s residence, appellant immediately proceeded to the second floor, where he encountered Dumchock. When Dumchock requested that appellant leave his home, appellant
struck Dumchock’s face with his gun and yelled for assistance from Mark and Kirchoff.

The appellant and Kirchoff continued to beat Dumchock, despite Dumchock’s pleading with them to take what they wanted and leave him alone. The three rummaged through Dumchock’s home looking for items to take and asking Dumchock where his guns and money were located. When Dumchock would moan or not answer, appellant would hit Dumchock again.

Mark and Kirchoff departed Dumchock’s home after they had loaded the items they wished to steal, while appellant remained in the residence with Dumchock. Appellant then shot Dumchock twice in the head, with one shot into Dumchock’s eye and the other directly between Dumchock’s eyes. Appellant then ran out of Dumchock’s house and exclaimed, “Let’s get out of here!”
The threesome returned to Kirchoff’s home and divided the items stolen from Dumchock. A short while later, the Marinelli brothers returned to Dumchock’s house and took a motorcycle from the victim’s porch.
Appellant attempted to start the motorcycle on compression, with Mark following in a car. They were observed crossing the main road in Kulpmont heading toward the other side of town. When the motorcycle would not start, appellant abandoned it.

On the morning following the killing, Clyde Metzger, who was waiting for Dumchock to drive him to work, entered the victim’s home and discovered Dumchock’s stereo equipment had been disarranged and Dumchock’s dog was shaking. Metzger called out to Dumchock but received no response. Metzger became concerned and left Dumchock’s home, and headed to the police station. On his way there, Metzger encountered a Kulpmont Police Sergeant Detective Robert Muldowney, and related to him the circumstances he had found.
Sergeant Muldowney entered Dumchock’s home, noting that the storm door was open, the inside door was propped open with a chair, and the glass had been broken from a window in the door. Inside the house, Sergeant Muldowney discovered that telephone cords had been cut. Upstairs, Sergeant Muldowney discovered the victim’s cold body lying at the top of the stairway landing. Sergeant Muldowney noted that Dumchock’s bedroom was disheveled, with drawers removed from the dresser and various items strewn on the victim’s bed. Pennsylvania State Police and County Coroner Richard Ulrich were called to the scene. The victim’s sister also arrived at his house and noted that Dumchock’s motorcycle was missing. The motorcycle was later recovered hidden in some brush where it had been abandoned. Dumchock’s brother-in-law informed police that guns, tools, and electronic equipment were also missing from Dumchock’s residence. One of Dumchock’s friends, David Dormer, was brought to Dumchock’s residence to assist police in determining which stereo equipment, as well as liquor, was missing.

On May 25, 1994, Mark Marinelli’s girlfriend, Deeann Chamberlain, turned over to Coal Township Police certain weapons which Mark had brought to her home. These weapons were later identified as having belonged to the victim. County Coroner Ulrich was at the Coal Township police station when Ms. Chamberlain turned over these weapons. The coroner connected the items with the Dumchock killing, and notified the District Attorney and State Police. Further, Ms. Chamberlain allowed Shamokin Police to come to her home and remove other items Mark had left there, including a telephone answering machine. Coroner Ulrich recognized the telephone answering machine as being of the type reported missing from Dumchock’s house, and he notified the State Police.
Additionally, a friend of appellant, Nathan Reigle, was questioned by police about the Dumchock murder. Reigle stated to police that appellant had bragged about how he had killed Dumchock. A search of appellant’s residence by police recovered a number of items, including stereo equipment, later identified as property belonging to the victim. After being questioned by police, appellant gave police
both an oral and a taped confession as to his involvement in the Dumchock killing.

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