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Murder Database –

murder database

I have been working on a new website – Murder Database – I wanted to create a website that was easier to browse and to be honest easier for me to keep updated

Murder Database will not not have daily news updates and will only contain individuals who have been convicted of murder

It will contain teen killers, women on death row, death row inmates, executions, spree killers, serial killers and so forth

Needless to say it is going to take some time to get it anywhere the size of My Crime Library, which has over three thousand posts as of this writing

Anyway in case you were wondering why My Crime Library has been slow lately that would be why

So take a visit to Murder Database and let me know what you think

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5 thoughts on “Murder Database –”

  1. Can tell a lot of thought was put into your new Murder Database. Love the clean layout, attention to detail. Easy to read. Easy to search. Great writing! Thanks for creating. Well done.

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