Angel Arellano And Epimenio Leal Teen Killers

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Angel Arellano and Epimenio Leal

Angel Arellano and Epimenio Leal were convicted in the murder of a taxi driver in Florida. According to court documents Angel Arellano who was fifteen and Epimenio Leal who was seventeen would shoot a cab driver in the head in the course of a robbery. According to police the two teen killers called the cab driver in a remote location and when the victim showed up he was fatally shot. Angel Arellano and Epimenio Leal were each sentenced to forty years in prison

Angel Arellano 2020 Information

angel arellano 2020 photos
ID Photo
DC Number:Q70580
Birth Date:08/04/2004
Initial Receipt Date:10/02/2019
Current Facility:Florida State Prison
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:04/15/2058

Epimenio Leal 2020 Information

epimenio leal 2020 photos
ID Photo
DC Number:A70580
Birth Date:12/21/2001
Initial Receipt Date:10/02/2019
Current Facility:Taylor Annex
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:04/15/2058

Angel Arellano And Epimenio Leal Other News

ee County Sheriff’s Office shared on social media two teens have been sentenced for shooting and killing a male taxi driver in Lehigh Acres in 2018.

Angel Arellano, 15, and Epimenio Leal, 17, were sentenced Wednesday to 40 years in prison for the murder of Hinso Estreplit, a self-employed taxi driver.

Both teens pled no contest to and found guilty of charges for First-Degree Murder and Robbery With A Firearm.

In April 2018, Arellano and Leal called for taxi to a remote road in Lehigh Acres, luring a taxi driver to the location. Both teens went up to the driver, shooting and killing him. Then, they stole the victim’s wallet, phone and a metal box containing money.

Judge Bruce Kyle served the sentencing for Arellano and Leal, while Assistant State Attorney Andreas Gardiner of the LCSO homicide unit and Assistant State Attorney Jennifer Justham prosecuted the cases.

The two teens face 10 years of probation following time served. The sentence also carries a 25-year minimum mandatory requirement based upon Florida’s 10-20-Life law. Additionally, because they are juveniles, each are entitled to a court review of their sentences after serving 25 years per Florida’s sentencing laws related to the sentencing of juveniles as adults. Both teens were sentenced in Lee County court.

Angel Arellano 2019 Photos

Angel Arellano Epimenio Leal
ID Photo

Epimenio Leal 2019 Photos

Angel Arellano Epimenio Leal
ID Photo

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Angel Arellano 2020 Update

    Angel Arellano is currently incarcerated at the Florida State Prison

  2. Epimenio Leal 2020 Update

    Epimenio Leal is currently incarcerated at the Sumter Correctional Institute in Florida

  3. Angel Arellano Release Date

    Angel Arellano is currently scheduled for release in 2058

  4. Epimenio Leal Release Date

    Epimenio Leal is currently scheduled for release in 2058

Angel Arellano News 2020

A state correctional officer is recovering after being attacked late last month at Sumter Correctional Institution, the Florida Department of Corrections announced Friday

Six inmates at the Bushnell-area prison were charged in the April 19 attack on the unidentified officer, the agency said.

“I want to commend the staff and inmates who came to this officer’s aid during this vicious attack,” Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch said in a statement. “Our officer showed courage and perseverance under extreme duress. I appreciate the quick and thorough investigation into this incident by the Inspector General, which led to the arrest of these inmates.”

A statement from the agency said “multiple inmates” attacked the officer at 2 p.m. Some inmates helped the officer. The attack was brought under control by prison officers at the lockup, which has 1,639-inmate capacity.

The six inmates were charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, depriving an officer of means of protection/communication, and false mprisonment.

They were taken to the Sumter County Jail and identified as:

  • Tristen Stewart
  • Julien Guevara
  • Jacob Steinmetz 
  • Gregory Rheams
  • Angel Arellano
  • Jarahmeel King

“The correctional officer was transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and has since been discharged,” the statement addedd. “The dorm involved in this incident is not under medical isolation or medical quarantine. The entire facility remains on restricted movement.”

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