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Brandon Olivieri Teen Killer Murders 2 Teenagers

Brandon Olivieri Teen Killer

Brandon Olivieri was sixteen when he was in an altercation with another youth that would end with two teenagers dead.  According to court documents this teen killer was involved with a rival when a gun came into play and Olivieri would shoot and kill the rival and another bullet would strike and kill his friend,  

Brandon Olivieri would receive a 37 year to life prison term for the first murder and up to four years for the accidental killing

Brandon Olivieri 2023 Information

Parole Number:NW9037
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 03/30/2001
Height: 5′ 09″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: HOUTZDALE

Brandon Olivieri Other News

A man who as a juvenile shot and killed two other boys in a squabble that ripped apart a South Philadelphia neighborhood has been sentenced to at least 37 years in prison.

Brandon Olivieri, now 18, shot a neighborhood rival Sal DiNubile during a struggle on the street Oct. 24, 2017. Olivieri also shot his own friend, Caleer Miller, during that struggle over the handgun.

Both victims were 16 years old at the time, as was Olivieri.

In May this year, Olivieri was convicted of first-degree murder for DiNubile’s killing and third-degree murder for Miller’s death.

At sentencing Monday, a judge gave Brandon Olivieri 35 years to life in prison for the first-degree charge and two to four years for the third-degree charge.

Olivieri tearfully surrendered to police three days after the shooting. Around the same time, an internal police bulletin with his name, photo and address was leaked to a local Facebook group. A few hours later, a gunman riddled Olivieri’s home with bullets.

Defense attorney James Lammendola said at the time that Olivieri’s parents were “scared out of their minds that their house was shot” and he also feared for their son’s safety.

Brandon Olivieri has spent much of his time in isolated confinement while imprisoned the last 21 months, according to the court docket.

The three-day trial ended May 17 after a jury deliberated for just three hours.

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Brandon Olivieri More News

Friends and relatives of two teens slain at 12th and Ritner Streets in 2017 might have used the convicted killer’s sentencing hearing Monday morning to close a chapter in a criminal case that attracted citywide attention and led to ongoing tensions in South Philadelphia.

But it quickly became apparent inside Courtroom 306 at the Stout Center for Criminal Justice that emotions surrounding the fatal shootings of Salvatore DiNubile and Caleer Miller remained raw — and their killer, Brandon Olivieri, added to the tension by speaking about the case for the first time and declaring that he was innocent.

“I should not be the one sitting here today,” Olivieri said. He did not elaborate, but his North Philadelphia lawyer, Todd Mosser, vowed to appeal.

The drama unfolded as Common Pleas Court Judge Barbara A. McDermott sentenced Olivieri to 37 years to life in prison in the crimes. And it was just one episode in a day that began with conflict emblematic of the discord that has dogged the case.

Early in the morning, before the boys’ friends and relatives tearfully delivered victim-impact statements, DiNubile’s father and others in the audience had to be temporarily removed from the courtroom after a shouting match erupted. Supporters of the DiNubiles called Olivieri’s parents “crumbs” who had “raised a drug-dealing murderer,” while the Olivieris pleaded with sheriffs to take action on what they called “terroristic threats” against them.

Once the hearing got underway, testimony by Olivieri and his parents elicited groans or barbs from the slain teens’ supporters.

McDermott, in imposing a sentence two years above the mandatory minimum, told Olivieri: “This is an example of what happens when you have a gun.” Olivieri did not receive the automatic life sentence typically imposed for the crimes because he committed them as a juvenile.

Miller’s mother, Aishah George, said afterward that she did not believe Olivieri’s claim of innocence, and that she “never” wants him to be released from prison. “Caleer can’t come back,” she said.

The hearing was the most recent example of how the killing has resulted in lingering fallout, particularly between friends and relatives of DiNubile and Olivieri.

The teens were students at different schools — DiNubile went to St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, Miller attended Mastery Charter School’s Thomas campus, and Olivieri went to Neumann Goretti High School — but their social circles at least loosely overlapped.

Olivieri was found guilty in May of shooting DiNubile on Oct. 24, 2017, after wandering the streets of South Philadelphia with Miller and other friends looking for a fight.

Prosecutors Matt Krouse and David Osborne said that when Olivieri encountered DiNubile at 12th and Ritner, near DiNubile family’s home, Olivieri pulled a gun because of a lingering feud fueled by Instagram. The two teens struggled over the weapon and three shots were fired, one striking DiNubile and one striking Miller by mistake.

A jury voted to convict Olivieri of first-degree murder for killing DiNubile and third-degree murder for killing Miller, as well as several related weapons counts.

When the proceedings Monday got underway, 14 people delivered victim impact statements remembering the slain teens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brandon Olivieri Now

Brandon Olivieri is currently incarcerated at the Houtzdale Correctional Institute

Brandon Olivieri Release Date

Brandon Olivieri is serving a life sentence he is not eligible for parole until 2054
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