gary mccray
gary mccray

Gary McCray was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for four murders. According to court documents Gary McCray would go into a drug house where he believed someone told on him to the police and would shoot and kill John Ellis, 51; Phillip Perotta, 53; Robin Selkirk, 45; and John Whitehead, 37. Gary McCray would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

Florida Death Row Inmate List

Gary McCray 2021 Information

DC Number:J01369
Birth Date:10/15/1979
Initial Receipt Date:12/11/2008
Current Facility:SUWANNEE C.I
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Gary McCray More News

Circuit Judge William Wilkes on Wednesday affirmed a jury’s recommendation and sentenced a man convicted of killing four people in May 2004 to four death penalties.

In September, a jury convicted Gary McCray of four counts of murder in the deaths of Phillip Perrotta, 53, John Whitehead, 37, John Oliver Ellis Jr., 51, and Robin Selkirk, 45.

Prosecutors said the slayings were drug-related. Three of the four victims were arrested along with McCray in a previous drug raid at that same house where the murders occurred.

The trial was delayed for years when McCray was not found competent to stand trial.

When the trial finally began in July, it was interrupted several times by outbursts from McCray, who threatened and tried to fire his attorney, lectured Judge William Wilkes and repeatedly interrupted proceedings.

The trial was halted twice after the judge ordered McCray removed from the courtroom and then was suspended until September. When it resumed, the same jury found McCray guilty of first-degree murder after just over a hour of deliberations. McCRAY’S VICTIMS

During the penalty phase, McCray was allowed to make his own closing statement in which he maintained his innocence, saying the prosecution “contaminated the mind of the jury.”

At Wednesday’s sentencing hearing, McCray mumbled a few things not audible to the courtroom, but made no outbursts. He showed no emotion as the sentence was read.

“He’s just a cold blooded murderer and there’s a special place in hell for him if he doesn’t get forgiveness,” said Mary Carol Allen, mother of victim John Whitehead. “The hardest part is waking up every day and saying, ‘God, please don’t let me hate this man.'”

Despite the passage of more than four years, the families of those killed have not found closure, but did get some solace in hearing that McCray is headed for Death Row.

“When he died, a part of me died. It’s been very difficult and very long,” said James Perrotta of his brother, Phil. “He showed no remorse for what he had done. I think it’s justice.”

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