Logan Mott Teen Killer Murders Grandmother In Florida

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Logan Mott was a fifteen year old from Florida who murdered his grandmother. According to court documents the fifteen year old was planning on running away from home and his grandmother was in the way. Logan Mott would stab and shoot his grandmother before burying her in a shallow grave. Mott would flee Florida and would be arrested in Buffalo New York attempting to cross the border into Canada. This teen killer would plead guilty and would be sentenced to fifteen years to life.

Logan Mott 2020 Information

DC Number:Q80700
Birth Date:08/21/2002
Initial Receipt Date:01/08/2020
Current Facility:DEPT OF JUV. JUSTICE
Current Custody:Close
Current Release Date:12/01/2032

Logan Mott Other News

Logan Mott has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder of his own grandmother, the minimum sentence based on his plea agreement.

Mott pleaded guilty to second degree murder for the death of Kristina French shortly after Thanksgiving 2017.

Mott was 15 at the time he stabbed and shot French, then buried her in a shallow grave.  He was arrested in Buffalo, New York while attempting to cross to Canada. Mott’s father and girlfriend reportedly returned home from a vacation and were not picked up at the airport by French as previously discussed. The couple took an Uber to the teen’s father’s Neptune Beach home and found it was ransacked and guns were taken from the gun safe.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Logan Mott 2020 Update

    Logan Mott is currently incarcerated within the Department Of Juvenile Justice in Florida

  2. Logan Mott Release Date

    Logan Mott is scheduled for release in 2032

Logan Mott More News

Logan Mott, the Neptune Beach teenager who pleaded guilty to killing his grandma Kristina French nearly two years ago, was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in prison for the killing of his grandmother.

On Thursday, Judge Bruce Anderson said even though Mott killed his grandmother, he hopes the teen can one day be a successful member of the community.

In September, Mott pleaded guilty to shooting and stabbing his grandma in 2017. Anderson imposed the minimum 15-year sentence, saying evidence proves Mott didn’t plan to kill French.

He claims the killing was actually the immature reaction of an adolescent attempting to run away from a hopeless home life, where he was traumatized by his parents’ divorce and his father’s psychological abuse.

During his sentencing hearings — which took place throughout October and November — people closest to Logan described his as a depressed teen stuck between divorced parents who didn’t agree on many aspects of raising him.


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logan mott 2020 photos

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