Alexander Perez Teen Killer Beats Elderly Man To Death In Florida

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Alexander Perez was fourteen years old when he would murder a man during a robbery. According to court documents this Teen Killer would attack a man who was sitting on his porch, forcing the victim into his home before beating him to death. Alexander would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to thirty five years in prison with a chance of parole after fifteen years

Alexander Perez 2019 Information

DC Number:R93186
Birth Date:07/10/2002
Initial Receipt Date:03/07/2018
Current Facility:SUWANNEE C.I
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:07/08/2031

Florida Department Of Corrections

Alexander Perez Other News

A Holiday teenager will be facing adult first-degree felony murder charges, as Pasco County authorities say he battered and robbed a neighbor who died shortly thereafter.

Fourteen-year-old Alexander Perez was indicted by a grand jury December 9 for a beating and robbery prosecutors say he committed against a neighbor on September 23. They allege that Perez approached his neighbor around two o’clock that morning as he was sitting on his porch and began physically attacking him. Prosecutors say Perez forced Walker into his own home where Perez robbed him of cash and continued the assault.

Although grievously injured in the assault, Walker declined medical treatment. The county’s medical examiner says that Walker suffered a rupture in his chest cavity that allowed air to escape from his lungs. His organs began to swell, causing his blood pressure to rise to a point beyond which his heart could continue circulating his blood, ultimately leading to his demise. All of this, according to the medical examiner, was the result of the assault Perez is alleged to have committed.

Prosecutors do not allege that Perez intended to kill Walker. They instead say that Perez committed a dangerous felony, the commission of which led to Walker’s death. As a result, the county is pursuing felony-murder charges that Perez will face as an adult.

A conviction on the charges in question will lead to imprisonment for at least twenty-five years. Perez is not facing the death penalty, however. Additionally, as a result of a recent Florida Supreme Court ruling, should Perez be convicted of any charge that results in a lengthy sentence, he is required to have an opportunity for parole after twenty-five years.

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alexander perez 2019 photos

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14 Year Old Charged With First Degree Murder

Alexander Perez More News

Alexander Perez, just fourteen years old and charged with murder. Detectives say he robbed and beat 81-year-old Robert Walker to death back in September.

Medical examiners recently ruled Walker’s death a homicide due to blunt force trauma. As a result, investigators now say Perez faces murder charges in Walker’s death.

Robert Walker talked to News Channel 8 after he was attacked just hours before he died.

“Well, I was robbed once before by him. Q: you were robbed by him before? About three months ago. He tried to kill me. “

Police believe Perez did rob the man and did beat him but say it was never Perez’s plan to kill Mr. Walker.

“Unfortunately he died in a commission of a felony and that’s how it gets to first-degree murder,” said David Dacey, Pasco County detective.

Detectives hope this awful incident will serve as a lesson to those looking for mischief.

“Hopefully they see this and they see this fourteen-year-old gentlemen arrested for first-degree murder and they may think twice about going out late at night and robbing people,” said Dacey.

Perez will get to do a lot of thinking as he sits in jail waiting to be tried as an adult. Hours before Mr. Walker died he wanted to ask Perez this question:

“Why did you try to kill me?”

We asked detectives if Perez seemed sorry for what they’re accusing him of. They said not really.

“He seems calm when he talks to me. He doesn’t seem, I guess, very sorry,” said Dacey.

Alexander Perez has been in custody since his initial arrest in September. He’s being held in a regular detention facility. Not a juvenile jail.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Alexander Perez 2020 Update

    Alexander Perez is currently incarcerated at the Suwannee Correctional Institute in Florida

  2. Why is Alexander Perez in prison

    Alexander Perez beat to death an elderly man when he was fourteen years old

  3. Alexander Perez Release Date

    Alexander Perez is scheduled for release in 2031

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