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Dominic Culpepper

Dominic Culpepper was fourteen years old when he murdered another teenager. According to court documents Dominic Culpepper and two other youths believed that the victim had stolen a pound of marijuana from them. The group met the victim under the pretense of buying marijuana however the meet quickly turned violent and Culpepper would fatally beat the teenage victim with a baseball bat. When he went to court Dominic was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison however due to his progression in jail he was able to appeal his sentence and it was reduced to forty years. This teen killer is due to be released in 2039

Dominic Culpepper 2023 Information

Dominic Culpepper 2021
ID Photo
DC Number:S11166
Birth Date:03/04/1987
Initial Receipt Date:05/17/2002
Current Facility:LIBERTY C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:02/07/2039

Dominic Culpepper Other News

A 14-year-old boy was convicted of first-degree murder Wednesday for fatally beating another teen-ager with a baseball bat.

A jury deliberated two days before convicting Dominic Culpepper in the June 25 slaying of Frank Wesley McCool, 16. Culpepper faces a possible life sentence.

Prosecutors said Culpepper concocted a plan to lure McCool to his home so he could beat him in retaliation for stealing a half-pound of marijuana.

Two other teen-agers pleaded guilty to second-degree murder earlier in the case for their parts in helping lure McCool to the home.

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Dominic Culpepper
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Dominic Culpepper

Dominic Culpepper More News

A 15-year-old boy received a life sentence
Friday for fatally beating a rival teen with a baseball bat.

Dominic Culpepper was convicted in February of first-degree murder for
the June 25 slaying of Frank Wesley McCool, 16.

“I can only ask that you forgive me,” Culpepper said to McCool’s
family in court. “If you can, find it in your hearts to have mercy on
me and forgive me for what I’ve done. I’m sorry.”

Public Defender Adam Tebrugge will appeal, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
reported for Saturday’s editions. Tebrugge told Circuit Judge Bob
Bennett that the sentence amounts to cruel and unusual punishment, a
violation of Culpepper’s Eighth Amendment right.

Culpepper concocted a plan to lure McCool to his Sarasota County condo
so he could beat him in retaliation for stealing a half-pound of

Two other teens, Vincent Norcia, 14, and Frank Tritschler, 15, pleaded
guilty to second-degree murder for their parts in helping lure McCool
to Culpepper’s home.

Norcia received an 18-month to seven-year sentence in August and
Tritschler received a 10-year prison sentence in December. Both
testified against Culpepper.

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Dominic Culpepper Now

Dominic Culpepper is currently incarcerated at the Liberty Correctional Institute

Dominic Culpepper Release Date

Dominic Culpepper is scheduled for release in 2039

Dominic Culpepper More News

A teen-ager accused of luring an acquaintance to a home where he was beaten to death with a bat pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Monday.

Vincent Norcia, 14, was one of three teen-agers charged in the June 25 slaying of 16-year-old Frank Wesley McCool.

Norcia, who agreed to testify against the other teens _ Dominic Culpepper, 14, and Frank Tritschler, 15 _ was the only one charged as a juvenile.

Norcia faces a maximum sentence of seven years in a rehabilitative juvenile detention facility. He will be sentenced Aug. 27, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported

Prosecutors say Tritschler and Norcia lured McCool to Culpepper’s home. Investigators say Culpepper believed McCool broke into the apartment a week earlier and stole a half-pound of marijuana and several hundred dollars.

Culpepper beat McCool to death with a baseball bat and then dumped his body in nearby woods, police said. Culpepper and Tritschler are being charged as adults for the second-degree murder. They face possible life sentences.


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  1. Dominic Culpeper acted in self-defense. The older teen was a drug addict, drug dealer who burlarized Culpepper’s home more than once and had returned to burglarize it again, when Culpepper was home alone. Culpepper’s Public Defender took the case on false pretenses, in order to gain votes as he was running for office. The Prosecution in Culpepper’s case committed several acts of misconduct and reversible errors. The corrupt and racist Judge in Culpepper’s case, in his rulings, stated multiple times that Culpepper, a 14 yr old boy, was “expected” to aid in his own criminal case. A 14 year old boy! When the average adult does not know how to read their own cable bill, a Judge expects a 14 yr old kid to aid in his own criminal defense! Culpepper is black, while the drug dealer Wesley McCool was white. On the day of Culpepper’s trial, only moments before, the only black Juror was replaced by a white Juror and no reasons were provided to the Jurors or to Culpepper or his family. Culpepper was convicted by an all-white Jury as a result. The Prosecution in the case provided several instances of false information to the court, yet the Public Defender said nothing. Even the Jury instructions were improper, yet the Judge refused to address it, and the Public Defender refused to address it. Dominic Culpepper should never been brought to trial, much less convicted. His case is a constant reminded of the disparity in arrests, conviction, sentencing, and incarceration around the US, and moreso in the southern Jim Crow states, like Florida.

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