Serial Killer

Serial Killers –  This collection includes men and women who meet the definition of a serial killer.  All posts include videos and photos

Kelly Cochran photos

Kelly Cochran Serial Killer – The Female Psychopath

Kelly Cochran is a woman who has been convicted in two murders but has confessed to nine more murders. According to court documents Kelly Cochran and her husband planned to kill one of his coworkers. The murderous couple had Kelly have sex with the coworker than her husband came into the room and fatally shot […]

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Top Ten Serial Killers Mugshots

Well today I have decided to create an article on the Top Ten Serial Killers Mugshots as it is interesting to see what the faces of evils look like. There is no particular order when it comes to this particular list. Already lets get going . David Berkowitz Mugshot David Berkowitz is better known as […]

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russell williams

Russell Williams: A Canadian Disgrace

One day Colonel Russell Williams was one of the leaders of the Canadian Military and the next he was their most disgraced.  Police were investigating the disappearance of Jessica Lloyd and they were conducting road side stops in the area where she was last seen looking for a specific tire thread.  Colonel Russell Williams was […]

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carroll cole photos

Carroll Cole Serial Killer – The Youngest Killer

Carroll Cole was not only a notorious serial killer he is also one of the youngest murderers in American history. According to Carroll Cole who released an autobiography in prison he was just eight years old when he drowned a classmate who made him mad. The police who investigated at the time thought the drowning […]

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Joel Rifkin

Joel Rifkin Serial Killer – NYC Serial Killer

Joel Rifkin is a serial killer from New York that no one talks about. Joel Rifkin would start his murderous ways a few years after his father would die from suicide. Joel who was already spending a ton of time surrounded by prostitutes and soon it would lead to murder. Rifkin would invite a sex […]

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henry lee lucas mugshot

Henry Lee Lucas Serial Killer – History Biggest Liar

Henry Lee Lucas may be the most prolific serial killer of all time or one of the biggest liars in history. Henry Lee Lucas would start his murderous ways by killing his mother. Lucas would be arrested and convicted of the murder and sentenced to twenty to forty years in prison however due to overcrowding […]

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Dorothea Puente photos

Dorothea Puente Serial Killer – The Landlady From Hell

Dorothea Puente may look like your friends Grandmother but this serial killer is responsible for as many as fifteen murders. According to reports Dorothea Puente ran a rooming house in Sacramento California who preferred to rent to elderly and mentally disabled clients. For Dorothea Puenta would murder the before mentioned borders and cash in their […]

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allan legere

Allan Legere Serial Killer – Canadian Monster

Allan Legere is a serial killer from Canada who is known as the Monster Of The Miramichi. Legere was first arrested for murder in 1986, with the help of two teenage accomplices Allan would cut the power to a store than break in. Allan Legere and his accomplices would beat the store owner to death […]

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edward geins photos

Ed Gein Serial Killer – Professional Grave Robber

Ed Gein has become the serial killer that the people in Hollywood love to use as a source of inspiration for their scary characters. Though his actual body count is not as high as other serial killers from that era it was his habit of grave robbing that makes him truly stand out. Gein grew […]

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