Serial Killer

Serial Killers –  This collection includes men and women who meet the definition of a serial killer.  All posts include videos and photos

Graham Young Teen Killer Serial Killer

Graham Young Teen Killer And Serial Killer

Graham Young started to kill people when he was fifteen. Graham attempted to poison his entire family when he was fifteen causing the death of his stepmother. For that they sent him to a psychiatric facility where he was released nine years later even though he had caused the death of a fellow inmate and […]

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edmund kemper photos

Edmund Kemper Serial Killer – The Coed Killer

Edmund Kemper is a serial killer who started early with the murders of his grandparents when he was still a teen.  Edmund would be sent off to a State Hospital where he would remain until he was twenty one years old and would be paroled against doctors advice.  A few years later Edmund would continue […]

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Paul Bernardo

Paul Bernardo Serial Killer – Ken And Barbie

The most notorious serial killer in Canadian history is Paul Bernardo who was responsible for the deaths of three teenage girls and the sexual assaults of over a dozen women.  Bernardo who is also referred to as the Scarborough Rapists as he terrorised the Toronto area for several years before his crimes turned deadlier.  At […]

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craig price photos

Craig Price Teen Killer Murdered 3 In Rhode Island

Craig Price was fifteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents Craig Price would be arrested for the murder of a woman and her daughter, once arrested Craig Price would confess to a murder he committed a year before. Due to the laws at the time this teen killer could only be […]

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Sean Sellers Teen Killer Sentenced To Death In Oklahoma

Sean Sellers was sixteen years old when he would murder his parents and in a separate crime murder a clerk at a convenience store. This teen killer would be convicted on all three murders and sentenced to death and would be executed a number of years later and before the United States stopped executing teens […]

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