Murder Database Update – 2500 Plus Killers

murder database

Well another update for Murder Database as we just hit 2500 posts so more than 2500 killers have now been covered on

I have been working on covering all of the death row inmates in the United States since the last time I updated you guys on Murder Database. Thankfully it is done. I am not going to do California death row as it is over six hundred inmates at this point and to be honest the death penalty in California is three quarters the way out the door at this point

Trying to figure out if I am going to go back and finish off the US Executions since 1977 as I have a few years left or concentrate in another area

Thank you to all who have been visiting Murder Database and who have been liking and sharing the posts. I do work on it daily however the widget on the side of My Crime Library only works when it wants to it seems in terms of showing the latest posts

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