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Hayden Dixon Gets Life For Axe Murder

Hayden Dixon west virginia

Hayden Dixon is a man from West Virginia who just received a life sentence for the murder of his girlfriend with an axe. According to court documents Hayden Dixon would murder  35-year-old Trinity McCallister by repeatedly striking her in the head with an axe and strangling her. Hayden Dixon was arrested and in September 2021 was found guilty by a jury for first degree murder. Now today Hayden Dixon was given a life sentence for the brutal murder.

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A man was sentenced to life in prison on February 18, 2022, for the 2019 murder of his then girlfriend, Trinity McCallister.

Hayden Dixon was convinced of the brutal murder of Trinity McAllister on September 23, 2021. According to court documents, Trinity McCallister was reported missing in November, 2019. Her body was found mutilated a day after she was reported missing at the home she shared with Dixon.  

In addition to life without mercy for first-degree murder, Dixon will serve a consecutive sentence of 3-25 years for felony possession of a stolen vehicle, felony forgery, felony uttering, and misdemeanor giving false information to a Department of Public Safety.

“The brutality of this crime as the judge said, clearly shocked the conscience of this community,” said Fayette County Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Jennifer Crane.  

Dixon’s defense requested last minute to dismiss the no mercy recommendation from the jury due to his age.  Judge Ewing did not accept that motion.

“That night when you murdered Trinity McAllister, you showed her no mercy, not even an inkling of human dignity,” Judge Ewing said.

The family of McAllister addressed the court on the loss of their mother. Due to the age of her children, we did not record their impact statements. Crane said that while the court cannot bring Trinity back, the sentence served justice for her family and children. 

“They’ve often wondered what’s happened to their mother,” Crane added. “I hope that somehow they can draw some strength from today, from seeing him go away and not being able to harm anyone else.”

 Dixon was also allowed to address the court.  His attorney read a one-sentence statement from him which said, “This is what drugs does to people.” 

The defense left the courtroom immediately after sentencing and did not comment. They will have 30 days from the date of the sentencing to file to appeal

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